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Pinali has been a prolific member of the Archive for a long time now, and the size of her gallery certainly shows it. Prowl through her many folders full of art and you'll find a vast variety of different visual styles, ranging from the cartoonish and the comic through the very realistic. Wherever along that spectrum her art falls, you can be sure it's very rewarding and a great find-- well worth tracking.
This really came as a shock to me as I stopped getting my hopes up for this every month...a few months ago! This is such a heart lifter for me, thank you everyone who has helped in any little way; especially my buddy Ibilisi - where would I be without you, huh?!

Like most of the other artists here, I've been drawing since I was quite young - between 1 and 2 years old was when I first picked up a crayon and scribbled a (slightly recognisable) face. When I started watching TV I started to draw cartoon characters: The Land Before Time and Animals of Farthing Wood were favourites in my sketches.

I discovered The Lion King when it came out. My first glimpses were, of course, TV commercials and books I bought from the local department stores to trace the pictures from. That's about all I did for a good few months before I was confident enough to try something freehand which actually can be viewed at my site!

I never saw TLK in the cinema because I didn't know what one was, but I made up for that in the amount of sketches I produced - I still have about 2 folders full of my early TLK drawings! Anyway, enough of that - this is about my proper art.

I went off TLK after a couple years but my spark was relit when Simba's Pride was released. And that was when I discovered the online TLK community and began to draw fan-art once again sometime in 1999. I visited the old message board, took many a request and made a lot of great friends some of which I still talk to now. When the old message board died there was nowhere for me to take my request service or anything, so I took a break for a few months: but when I returned, the fan-art section was now, and even had Cally's message board and Sabrea's chat! So I returned and have been here ever since. At the moment I use Paint Shop Pro 7.0 (acquired last Christmas - thanks dad!) and Adobe PhotoShop 6.0 (thanks to Azima) to produce my computer coloured art. I scan and colour using a prett y simple method - which can also be viewed at my site!

I guess I should wrap it up roundabout here, so I'd like to thank everyone possible for anything you've done in any way to help me along with my art, and these last few words are a huge thank you to Brian Tiemann - THANK YOU!

One of the first things one notices about Pinali's art is that to an extent greater than that of most other members of the Archive, she works in a style very similar to Disney's own. Lion faces are hard to draw. There are certain tricks one has to learn, certain pieces of visual shorthand, in order to make a lion look the way it does in The Lion King. The shape of the jaw, the fall of the mane, the quality of the lines... almost everybody here has their own way of incorporating those little elements into their own style. But few do as good a job of reading those visual cues and expressing them again with a personal gusto as Pinali does.

Just looking at her profile picture, you can see an understanding of Disney-style character design that makes for a sincere and engaging execution. But that's not all that Pinali draws, by any means. Her style casts in many directions at once. Sometimes she dabbles in extreme anatomical structure; sometimes her art dips into goofball comedy. Sometimes the coloring is flat and cartoonish, sometimes it's soft and smooth and round as only masterfully computer-colored art can be. Sometimes, as with the Zella picture in the upper left, character design concepts can be discerned with their roots in characters like Stitch (just look at those eyes!). It's all executed with panache and confidence, regardless of the style, and that lends a strength to each image that's a joy to see.

No matter how realistic or how artistic or how comic the setting or the style, Pinali always manages to convey the right expression for the occasion. While lion heads are indeed hard to draw properly, lion heads with the range of expression that Disney-style lions can portray are even harder. And she manages to pull it off each time, unmistakably. You won't find the same expression on two different characters in her gallery; each one has a different mood, which hints at a different character with different depth.

The most inspiring artists are the ones who give us a window into another world to peer through. Pinali has done that over and over, and continues to pull the window wider and wider open for us. There's undoubtedly a lot to look forward to!

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