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Not many Lion King fan-artists are as accomplished and as prolific as SpiritWolf77. Hundreds of pictures, all of them representing a unique and admirable style-- whether they're character portraits or experimental conceptual work-- make up her extensive gallery. A trip through her body of work will certainly encompass many enjoyable hours.
Wow. I'm shocked, I really am. I didn't expect this at all! This is one of those things that you hope for, but never actually believe you'll get. But there it was, I opened my inbox and was completely utterly astounded.

I've always been a big fan of The Lion King. I loved it the second I saw the first preview on the Aladdin video way back when. I used to draw the characters once in a while, but I didn't really get into the fan art until Simba's Pride came out. It was shortly afterwards that I discovered the online Lion King community in the form of Mucks, art archives, and message boards. It all renewed my interest in Lion King art and I began fine-tuning my style and developing my fan characters. I joined a few years later.

I've always loved art. I've been drawing since I could hold a pencil and it's always been my main hobby. I hope to make a career out of it eventually either by writing and illustrating books or as an animator. Animals have always been my favorite subject matter, mainly canines and felines. My main focus has always been to capture not just the general appearance of a character but to capture the personality and emotion of the character as well. I've always believed that regardless of what the character looks like, it's the emotion that you capture with the picture that really gives that character life. I find whatever I can around me to inspire emotion while I'm drawing, be it nature, music, or just life in general.

I want to thank everyone who voted for me, thank you so much for giving me this honor. I'm very grateful to all of you here and at the message board who have shown your support over the years and helped me to improve my work. Your effort is just as much a part of this as my own. This is truly an amazing honor, to achieve something that so many artists I admire have achieved in the past. I also need to thank Brian Tiemann for keeping this site up and running, my family for all their support, my friends for their constant encouragement, and my dog--yes, my dog, Sambu, who's always there for me and provides a lot of inspiration for my artwork. Once again, I thank each and every one of you!

Ever since her first art postings in late 2000, SpiritWolf77 has delighted us all with well-designed, expressive, colorful character portraits that display an understanding of the emotionality and versatility of animation-style technique that we seldom see in fan-art. She's an adventurous artist, branching out in all directions at once-- from crossover portrayals to model sheets and even never-before-seen species-- and she has never fallen into a predictable formula. The result is that each new upload from her is a surprise, and a pleasant one.

SpiritWolf77 uses a variety of media, from markers to computer coloring, and she displays deft skill with them all. While her style has changed quite a bit over the time she's been with this site, she is perhaps fairly unique in that her expertise with coloring and composition started out quite admirable at the very beginning. It's naturally gotten better since then, and now it's truly remarkable. With art from all levels of the process of creation being uploaded here, we get to see what her sketches look like as well as her finished work, and it's one of those collections from which other artists can honestly learn a great deal.

What's particularly special, though, is the variety of different artistic challenges that SpiritWolf77 has taken on. Her fan-fiction work is illustrated not just with character portraits and scene art, but with character model sheets, storyboard sequences, and animations. There's always another folder full of surprises to open and paw through, and that's one of the things that makes her art such a valuable addition to

Perhaps nothing speaks so clearly for the popularity of SpiritWolf77's work as the hundreds of her pictures which other users of this site have deemed worthy of adding to their Favorite Pictures. She delivers the goods, and so consistently and so surprisingly, that each new upload she adds to the Archive is a magnet for eager eyeballs.

Don't worry-- no pressure!

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