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If you're looking for an artist whose every last picture tells a story-- where Disneyish characterizations, Japanese detail and style, and a willingness to experiment in ways all her own come together to form something more rich and diverse than almost anything else in the pot, look no further than Kazamidori. There's so much variety in her work that you will leave it with your head spinning.
Well, it's a once in a lifetime occasion, Ameya is at a loss for words. Really, i'm so surprised! I have no idea what to say here. Just in brief, I'm very honoured and thankful for this. It's a great experience to know that people like the results of something that you love to do!

*hugs Featured Artist of the Month kami, okay.. *L* or not*

I first became introduced to The Lion King through my sister. Always thought it was a good film. I just love animation! I grew up around anime, so, it's natural i believe that i wouldn't "out-grow" a love of animation like some people do i suppose. I joined the actual TLK fan-art community in December, after drawing a picture of Endless Night for my sister. She liked and said "hey, why don't you put it on" So i took a look around and did, and i'm so happy! I guess, really i owe this to her in part! So, thanks Nancy!

It's been a real challenge for me to learn to draw lions and other creatures, as I pretty much strictly drew people beforehand. I've also started doing Furry art-work because I find I can mix my ability to draw people with the fun and imagination of others' lion charcters! The bulk of my archive is art trades and requests, because much of my joy in art comes from doing a nice picture for a nice person. It's also a good way to meet people, and exchange art ideas and interpretations. In case you're curious, I mostly draw with my mouse, often in Flash and then colour in Paint Shop Pro 5. I have a tablet, but I just can't get the hang of it.*l* so I'm stuck with my mouse. I do scan some art, just depends on my mood I guess... I've become much more interested in drawing animations since I joined here, and I think it's a great thing to test yourself with. Hmm, Much of my inspiration comes from the kind people at the fan-art message board. It has its up and downs, but so does life! Just gotta look on the bright side! Many nice people there, and it's a wonderful place to post art and receive comments and critique. They have provided me with such comfort and encouragement during a tough time this year, especially for someone who was a stranger 6 months ago! If you seem me there shout me a hello! I love to talk... (ask anyone..*l*)

There are so many people to thank this would go on forever if I said each name. Some people out there have become true friends offline and on and I hope you know who you are. I'd also like to thank the gang at the now defunct "it's a beautiful day" for listening to me whine in japanese for so long. And a very special thanks to JC for making me feel like a "somebody" around here, you're my idol... (and for putting up with my awful Cantonese..*L*) and also to Brian Tiemann who has endured countless emails from me, with questions, asking for advice, needing help, just about anything. He always replied with good humour, paitence and much info, thanks! you're an example of a site admin I wish I could be!

Well this is one pleased weathervane I must tell you! If I have any advice for everyone out there it's this: keep laughing, keep loving and keep searching for the beauty in our world. There is so much hate and darkness out there, but with your artist heart you can see the things that others miss. Please artists use your special talents to bring the joy and beauty of life to those who cannot or will not see and feel it! Woo, that sounds a little dramatic. Okay enough of that! Wow, Featured Artist of the Month, it's amazing for me. Now, if I only I can get people to read Cinnamon Sparkle i'd be all set...

LuvLuv for everyone! thanks again, I hope you enjoy my arts so far and what's to come! I really apreciate this. I hope I can live up to your expectations in the future!
Whether it's Lion King characters in Kabuki, superbly detailed anthropomorphics, heraldic unicorns, or ambitious animation, Kazamidori is willing to try it all. She brings a certain hunger to the world of Lion King fan-art that few others possess or even understand; her unique perspective on art gives her the ability and the drive to explore all possibilities and to give everything a try. She's not afraid of failure; even when she's not satisfied with a picture or with something new she's tried, she posts it and tries again, in a display of determination and a love for the art itself that inspires others as much as it does herself.

One of the most unique aspects to Kazamidori's art is the Japanese influence; expressed in many different ways from picture to picture, in her work we get a refreshing change from our familiar Disney-inspired character work in her experiments with anthropomorphic Lion King characters in traditional Japanese dress, characters in costumes derived from anime or manga, or poetry that expresses a certain sensibility that we seldom see in fan-art. This is only one area in which Kazamidori likes to experiment, among many others.

For instance, her work with the canon Lion King characters is as gratifying as anybody's, as is her body of request and art-trade work. She infuses each individual character with a vividness of color and life that suggests she understands that character every bit as well as that character's owner does, and the result is often something that demands a second look and an appreciative and appraising analysis.

With as many friends as Kazamidori has earned through her art and the community here, it's clear that she's rapidly become one of the biggest names at the Archive, and we're all very lucky to have had her prolific contributions in the past, present, and as time goes on.

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