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Endless Night

If there's any one fan-created character that everybody has heard of it has to be the black-and-white lion created by Endless Night. The character has been around for so long, and the artist has been drawing him so well, that it's small wonder that the fan-art community would pick her for the Artist of the Month before too long.
I'm so grateful and thankful for being Artist of the Month. It's made extra special for me as this is my Birthday month and I will be the rather scary age of 20 years old on June 13th. Wow...

Well you know this is just proof of how welcoming, kind and forgiving the Lion King community is. I owe everyone who has stuck by me and who gave me a second chance in this fandom a huge thank you. I've been drawing TLK and part of the fan art gallery here in one form or another since late 1998-early 1999. I was a TLK fan later then most, I didn't see the film until 1996! I'm also a furry and fan artist and have galleries on Side 7 as Kotaishi Tribal and Vixen Controlled Library (VCL) as Silence. I also run Ski Ku which is a gallery for off topic art for TLK Fans. I do all my art, and have done so for the last 3 years, using Paint Shop Pro 5 and later on also a graphics tablet.

I guess this award goes more to Endless Night the lion then me personally. He was the original black and white lion in the fandom, and is still a pretty popular guy despite all my transgressions. I also have to thank so many wonderful gallery artist for their friendship and/or inspirations, like Genghis, Snowy, Simba Majestic, Domino, Akril, Safijaha, Nala-The-Lioness, Vela, Caji, Ariya, Mamela, Sharmay, Filimbi,TimoPumbaa and Kubo. There's so many to mention but I really have to give special notes to Cally, who was the first to welcome me back into the fandom, Pegasuss who inspired my newest and most intensive furry creation Copper Sky and who I admire so much, and Aidan my best online friend. I also have to say thank you to fellow Nova Scotians Faeree and AirGuiTar whom I've had great fun hanging out with at MicMac Mall and whom have added a whole new dimension to my love of TLK art and art in general. I have so many other forum/TLK friends as well; Sita, Tallon, Kelt, Shawchert, Felona, Shay, Sema, Dima-Motty, The Crazy One, Lionscape, Wolverina, The Tigress, Chianti, Va Kasi, Twilight, Bybi, Dreamaria, Tigon, Haute Ecole, Chika Jin, Bronwyn, Vela, Larani, Spitfire, Pinali, Ibilisi, Muzzani/Kicho, HotPaws, Rockerbot, Jamala, Raven, gosh so many.

My sister Kazamidori, who also an artist here, has also been a great support and inspiration to me my whole life.

I also have to thank Sable Antelopes for just being the coolest animal in the world and my latest obsession.

Thank you so much everyone, remember Busa Simba! and TLKiaWoL. -EN
Endless Night has got to be one of the Archive's most versatile and accomplished members, her experience in other genres than just Lion King fan-art standing her in good stead and allowing her to flow her ideas back and forth across the boundaries of the various fandoms and archives. It's that kind of flexibility and wideness of horizons that enriches all the fandoms in question, as well as ensures her recognition in all of them.

With rich, deep computer-colored art and bold, imaginative character design, the vivid visual impulses that gave birth to the Endless Night character are evident wherever else you turn in her gallery. You'll find albino hyenas with shimmering purple tails, you'll find lavender wings and red-and-orange-spotted fur jostling with characters sporting realistic color schemes-- and yet somehow they all seem related and continuous. None of Endless Night's outlandish character designs seem unusual or "wrong"-- just vivid and alive, and perfectly in character for the world of color in which they live.

Lighting and atmosphere also lend a great deal to the three-dimensionality of Endless Night's characters and scenes, and she seldom skimps on these, sometimes posting art consisting purely of the painstakingly-rendered backgrounds. This is another feature of her cross-fandom interests, which allow her to bring to her pieces the additional energy of props, decorations, and other atmospheric elements. Without resorting too much to "anthro" artwork, Endless Night brings the energy of that kind of work into her efforts here with great success.

As she continues to advance her accomplishments both at and elsewhere, we're bound to enjoy the results in what Endless Night shares with us here.

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