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Serge Stiles

Two words spring to mind when trying to describe the art of Serge Stiles: "Prolific" and "Adventurous". She's one of the most frequent posters here at the Archive, and the things she does range so far across the map that it's nearly impossible to pick any good single example of what makes her work so unique.
My goodness! This is a surprise! I don't know where to start! Wait, yes, I do! It all starts with you. I want to thank you all for choosing me as Artist of the Month of May! It is in fact, a great honor. I didn't think I would get chosen for another few months ^_^; But, hey, it's sooner and I'm not complaining ;D I've been here since, well, early 2000? And I do have to say; my art has bloomed since then. If you look at everything before, you can hardly tell I drew it! That is all thanks to one of the best people in my life. She gives me a lot of support, tips, good company and well, a good laugh ;D If it weren't for her, I wouldn't be where I am now! So a big thanks out to Jamala J You're the greatest ever and you helped me to succeed in what I do!! I love you!! (In a friendly way!! XD)

Thank you everyone at the Message Board and at the Archive and everyone who has ever helped me in anyway, big or small! I know if I ever get depressed, I could post there, and all of you will give me virtual pats in the back and moral support. It's great being a part of a big family J And to all of you who drew things for me, who inspired me. To name a few: Tallon, Llee(neruka), Snowy, Evana Love, Eva/Oscen, VitaniDaReal, Whisper/Moon Wang . . . some of you don't even realize this, but you have helped me so much! And, of course, the man who helped this big TLK lovin' family exist, Brian Tiemann! Without all of his hard work and, well, without him, I probably wouldn't have known all of you! My life wouldn't be the same. ^_^;

And The Archive, the greatest place to ever reach the internet! I have tried other communities, I look at other art sites.. And I just don't see the sparkle in them as I see in the Lion King Fan Art Archive here. This place is my family, my home. As I am getting older, I get closer to this place and it starts to become me. I have always been a fan of TLK . . . since I first saw it in the movie theaters, I used to close my eyes and try and reenact it in my head, and the scary part was, it worked! I didn't appreciate it until I got older. In 6th grade, I met some friends . . . Amanda Lawson and Mary Cowperthwait. They brought that fire back into my life and I was enlightened! With them, I memorized all of the lines in both movies and we would actually act it out at school! (Yes, 6th grade, and we ran around on hands and knees at school!) Everything always worked out. I saw a little of each character in each of my friends. In Amanda, the fiery independent girl always reminded me of the spunk in Zira; the crazy outgoing and wise I saw in Rafiki. She played both of them. I always loved to hear her sing "Upendi" What a sight to see! In Mary, I always saw the fiery independence of Zira's daughter, Vitani with that wild sassy side, you know? And, Kayla! She always had that Kiara giggle!! And you know, the shy independent spunk, but with a heart as pure as gold. Then there was me. Kovu and Simba, yep, I played Kovu and Simba. I used to wear a collar that said "Kovu" on it too! But I don't know if my friends knew that :P It wasn't just a sight to see Amanda singing as Rafiki with that accent, but -we- were a sight to see crawling around the ground and acting it out!

Sometime around then, I found Kubo's spot. Then, I saw the world of Fan Art I never knew before. Some of the people I saw first were Jamala (Though, I did not realize it was Caitlin until later! ;) ) KWIK, Whisper, Aardwulf, and a lot more. My life changed ever since then ^_^

And one more person I just have to thank for keeping my life up and alive: Samantha Allen. She doesn't draw TLK, but she is one of my bestest friends I every truly connected with. We find ourselves saying the same things at the same time, thinking the same things at the same time, and doing the same things! We believe our brain is connected somehow, or that we shared one! We slowly molded into each other. She actually got me a lot smarter, so to say. When I met her, I never crawled on the ground again! But I say that's a good thing, I wouldn't want to be in college crawling around my dorm room and growling. Also, she has gotten my passion for writing to come out. I have been working on a book, Bandin the Thief. I am actually hoping it could possibly become published (with a lot of work!) So, thanks Sam. HAIL NEBRASKA! And... ::Does cool Tevye walk:: I wouldn't have to work hard! Ayibbydibbydibbydibbydibbydum... if a were a veryvery rich.. idlediddledidledidleman. You are inspiring with Mafia Jack, and we will always be best friends!

And I have one more thing to thank MUSIC! Music is inspiring, and I know all of you know. One person who has inspired me more than anything is the one and only King of Pop Rock and Soul, Michael Jackson. (Don't you diss him, he's the greatest man on earth!) Just, being himself has inspired me (in art, yes) and the greatest thing to do is be yourself.

So, to all of you! God bless you, and mazeltov . . . in life and in art and always keep dreaming!

You ain't seen nothin' yet.

Hundreds of pictures, many of them daring and detailed sketches, make up one of the most energetic and imaginative collections in the entire Archive. The art of Serge Stiles consists of imaginative contributions to the fan-art community here and in the Lion King fan-art message boards, where she is an active and well-known member. She has created a great many personal characters, ranging from lions to dragons to outlandish creations all her own-- and that kind of imagination is exactly what makes a person's art memorable.

Her sketches, in many ways, are the most remarkable of all her work. Displaying wild, energetic poses, the characters writhe almost snakelike in a fluid continuum, clearly three-dimensional even though bound to a 2-D medium. One thing that makes her work so unique is that she seldom, if ever, uses the same pose twice. Every time, it's something new, something surprising. It's small wonder that she is called upon so frequently for art trades and requests, and that her work is held in such high regard by her fellow artists.

Some artists will slip into a favorite groove and seldome venture out of it; Serge Stiles is almost the exact opposite, always striking out in new directions. Everything she draws is a surprise, and whenever there's a new crop of drawings uploaded to her account, her fans flock to see what new creations have surfaced.

Thanks for a great ride so far, and here's to a lot more to come!

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