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When it comes to character portraits, few artists match Tallon. Her work ranges all over the artistic map, but her claim to fame, which few will argue, is the detailed and accurate character pictures that she tirelessly completes.
I have to say this is a tremendous honor I've been dreaming of getting ever since I joined in December of 2000 (close to when Evana was our very first AotM). I'd like to thank everyone who voted for me as well as the wonderful folks at the Fan-Art Message Board who have been great friends and have given me so much support. I love you all! Special thanks go to Kelt, my best friend in the whole entire world, who has been there for me always, whether it be inspiring me, encouraging me, putting up with my petty jealousies, or just hanging out and drawing together. Thank you so much Kelt for all you've done and I can never succeed in repaying fully. Thanks also to some of my oldest and closest friends in the community (just to name a few): Endless Night, Kazamidori, Ice Clover Epona, Kilindi, Audrey, Cally, Llee, Sita, Pegasuss, Wolverina, and Twilight. There need to be more people in the world like you, even though I appreciate every single person who has touched my life in some small way.

On the TLK community, I love it. Simple as that. It is by far the friendliest place I've ever been, and I've already tried Star Wars communities, Redwall communities and the occasional dip into the furry community. This one feels the most like home, and I love it to death. I really discovered it several years ago, but I didn't attempt to draw/post art until December of 2000. I have made so many wonderful friends here, and I owe it to them for getting as far as I have. I've been a fan of TLK ever since it came out, and I used to bring my action figures to school in a shoe box and we'd play with them at recess. ;) I think I will continue to be a fan of the movie, though I'm certain I will do all within my power to remain an active member of this ever-growing community of talented artists, writers, and great people.

On drawing and art, I'd like to say a few things. Never give up. Art takes a lot of practice, I know, and an equal amount of patience, and I've seen too many people quit or try to take short cuts such as taking another person's art in hopes to become like them. It's really sad to see people hurt themselves and others like that. Look at the world around you, in real life or in the art you see, and let it be your inspiration. The world has so much to offer to artists, yet few ever tap that source. We ALL have to start somewhere, from archive veterens to people just starting out. Many people ask me where I come up with my designs or ideas. I draw my inspiration from the world around me and my heart within me. The special thing about that is that everyone has the opportunity to do that. The real skill comes from knowing that you can . . . Thank you again, everyone, and God bless!
Big paws, bright colors, imaginative character design-- these are the hallmarks of an Tallon piece. Her energetic use of the computer-coloring medium makes for art that is a joy to watch in its development.

It's been a little over a year now since Tallon's first post, and it's been a busy year. She continues to create art not only for this Archive but for others like Side7, where she indulges a more broadly defined "furry" art skill. The crossover between the furry and Lion King fandoms is less prevalent than one might imagine, but a lot of the best artists in both groups are members here, and for that we can feel privileged.

Art trades fuel a large part of Tallon's creative fire. Every few days there are new requests for other artists' characters, done in her inimitable thick-lined style; while she always adheres closely to the letter of the request, her eye for character design lends her own trademark to the picture, which is exactly the purpose that most people see in art trades: the opportunity to see a familiar character interpreted by an artist with a unique and individual style. Tallon's smooth computer shading, bright vivid colors, often fanciful hairstyles, and high-energy anatomy inject a spark of the here-and-now to any requested portrait.

This isn't to say Tallon hasn't done the original Lion King characters, though-- far from it. Her portraits of Scar and Simba show a definite influence from her own style, but the character traits come through-- the eyes express personality every bit as well as Disney's own.

Tallon has definitely cemented herself as one of the most respected fixtures here at, and with ample reason. Thanks for the great art, and we all hope to see it continue!

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