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For proof that a love for anime style mixed with the traditional sensibilities of Disney can work, we need look no further than AzianWolfDoll, whose art has been catching the eyes her fellow fan-artists more and more ever since she joined
Wow, I can't believe it! I never would have thought I would be the next Artist of the Month! First off, I would like to give a BIG thank you to the grrrreat Brian Tiemann for making the best fan-site ever! Another BIG thanks to all those who voted me as the A.o.t.M.! Thanks you guys and gals!

What can I say,...I LOVE to draw! I fell in love with TLK when I saw it way back then. Never had a movie made such an impact on me and the talent I had inside me. However, my "obsession" didn't amount as much until the release of SP. And the rest is history. Look where it's gotten me now--as well as the rest of the artists here! I think it's amazing!

I hesitated to join for a long while before finally deciding to take the plunge, and so I lurked around for most of the time. I must say that my first attempts to draw in that TLK style weren't the best, but an artist is always improving, as I like to keep in mind when I draw. I also admit that when I first started trying, I would mimic the different styles I saw. But I soon found my own style and also my inner drawing spirit and grew from there. I have improved so much since then. I also see it in other fellow artists pictures too. I still never would have imagined that I would get this far.

Doing these art trades and requests are the baby steps I need to reach my dream. They bring me endless challenges and a feeling of accomplishment. Plus, they're fun to do!!! However, with college courses in the way of my fun, I'm slow on art trades and requests at the moment. I'm so sorry for making those of you wait for them. I want to do a great job on each and every one of them, which is why I'm taking my time. I hope everyone understands. Overall, thank you once more to Brian and all of the great artists at!!! I love you all.

A retrospective through the past year of art that AzianWolfDoll has uploaded is a study in a stylistic trend. The very earliest pictures were very realistic, followed by a number of pieces that are very true to the Disney style of character design and modeling-- some of the pieces there using canon characters are among the best in the Archive.

However, it isn't long before the angularity and large dewy eyes of anime begin to make their mark on AzianWolfDoll's art. We can see the early pieces where the two styles are fighting for dominance, and then they settle into a symbiotic marriage where the best qualities of both styles are evident, making for one of the most subtly unique styles around.

AzianWolfDoll's pieces are mostly hand-drawn pictures that are digitally colored; this combination blends the energy and natural flow of expression-rich pencil sketches with the vibrant and eye-catching composition and shading that can be achieved on the computer. The result is art that is rich in character depth and emotion, striking and energetic-- and it achieves that most elusive of goals, that of conveying complex character depth through just a still image.

There's only one example of it so far, but sculpture seems to be another area where AzianWolfDoll shines. Her Kiara sculpture is richly detailed and posed so as to convey character, rather than just to convert a drawing into a 3D medium. We can hope to see more such sculptures in the future-- she clearly enjoys doing them. And that isn't the only adventurous new medium she has tried; recent pictures also include watercolors, colored pencils, and sketch pens. All of them bring their own unique angles to AzianWolfDoll's style, and she incorporates elements from each one into her subsequent work.

Thanks for some great art, AzianWolfDoll-- and keep up the excellent work!

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