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One of the most adventurous and versatile artists in the Archive is TaniDaReal. Her work encompasses sculpture, pencil sketches, digital art, Illustrator, and more-- and all of it shows a great amount of creativity and relish for the experience of creating art.
I just came home from my trip to the Lion King Broadway Musical in Hamburg - what a wonderful event - and when I looked into my mailbox, I saw the next wonderful surprise - Brian's mail about the Featured Artist of the Month! :)

I'm really so happy about it, I can hardly say how wonderful the start into the Year 2002 is for me! I wanna say everyfur a big big thank you for your votings and of course to Brian - Thank you for everything! It's really a big honour for me to be the first AOTM of the New Year :)

About my drawings - I've started drawing Lion King in 1998. I am one of those Lion King fans that found their love to TLK with the starting of Simba's Pride. I think a big thank concerning my drawing talent belongs to my mother, cause she already taught me drawing when I was quite young. The more - I'm watching very very many cartoons to "learn" drawing. I can't get enough of those movies ;)

Usually I draw by hand (pencil and fineliner), scan the pics and colour it with Photoshop. Of course I draw just with pencil and carbon, too. When I got my graphic tablet, I also started drawing directly on pc, not only on paper. But I love creativity in many ways - colouring figures, making plushies or something like that. My only real character is "VitaniDaReal" and she means very much to me. She was "born" in 1998 and I've never changed that char. I just kind of love her ;)

And I want to thank again everyfur for all the wonderful pictures you did for me in art trades or surprise pictures! I really love every single picture! You really know how to make somebody happy! :)

The art that comes from TaniDaReal is by far some of the most expressive and personally meaningful of the whole Archive. A large part of it comprises the artist's own characters, primarily her own persona (Vitani da Real), but a good many others as well-- which leads to her shining especially well in art trades and requests for her fellow artists, a category that makes up the majority of her work.

Profile pictures and character portraits by TaniDaReal are very seldom simply static poses. Rather, the artist goes to great effort to place each character in a situation that conveys the essense of the character and its personality at a quick glance. And that's the ultimate goal of animation-style art.

The unique combination of Outlander-style character construction with smooth, gradient-based backgrounds is one that works very well. It brings out the sharp-edged personality that most of her characters seem to have-- a good-natured but sharp-toothed air of quiet strength. All this is mixed with a sense of humor that only a few other artists at have matched.

But TaniDaReal is not content to sit and work in a medium where she's comfortable. She constantly reaches in new directions. Recently she has dabbled both in vector graphics (Illustrator) and in sculpture, very successfully in both cases. Interestingly, her sculptures are photographed in such a way that they capture the same atmosphere and character as her digital art. The physical medium just makes it all the more balanced and "present", drawing it one more step into the real world.

The trademark gray fur of TaniDaReal's characters is always a welcome sight in the day's new picture lineup. She's already one of the most prolific artists in the Archive, with nearly 300 pictures to her name; but her pace isn't slowing at all, and her art just keeps getting more and more enjoyable to see.

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