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Continuing the recent trend of talented Lion King fan-artists dabbling in animation, ~ShyZhadow~ has a level of keen insight into emotion and body language that has made her entries very successful. And that's just the animated stuff!
With a calm, demure sensibility and a deep infusion of character into every piece, ~ShyZhadow~ is one of the artists who has contributed most effectively to the atmosphere of in recent months. Whether her subjects are original creations or drawn from the Lion King movies, she often chooses scenes to put them in that are placid, even pastoral.

Sometimes this lends to a genuinely artistic and directorial handling of particular scenes. Rather than focusing on scenes with lots of action, ~ShyZhadow~ places her camera just before or after the action, in such a way that the action is fully communicated to the viewer, but the consequences and atmosphere are even more fully realized.

With her smooth, rich coloring technique, ~ShyZhadow~ is able to bring to life art that evokes the same sense of depth as the movies do. When her subjects are canon characters from the movie (as in her "ShyZhadow and Simba" picture, shown at left), not only are they nearly perfectly on-model, they are constructed in a way that blends perfectly with the world and the original characters that she develops.

Just as noteworthy are her black-and-white and pencil pieces. While color does bring to life a character's weight and balance, as well as bringing out the personality differences between characters, pencil work tends to have a life all its own-- and ~ShyZhadow~'s is no exception. Her pencil work is usually very crisply cleaned-up, and even when it's a still piece it evokes the three-dimensionality that makes her animated work so successful. Even though to date she has chosen the same kind of calmness in her animation as she has in her still scenes, this is hardly a problem-- it gives us a valuable glimpse into the understanding of form and shape that ~ShyZhadow~ has.

Like many of the other superbly talented artists at, ~ShyZhadow~ has developed a great deal since she first began posting here-- and she's still finding new ways to express herself through this medium. We can all look forward to whatever the future holds from her.

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