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There's been a sudden awakening of interest in short pencil animations among the artists of, and Domino is one of those leading the charge. Her crisp animation-like style lends itself perfectly to these attempts, and the results are a real treat for the eyes.
Wow!! I really can't believe I'm 'Artist of the Month'!! This means so much to me as it's my birthday this month! ^____^

Hmm, Well I've been drawing for as long as I can remember. I have always drawn animals rather than humans and have always admired big cats and that's what attracted me to go and see The Lion King. At first I didn't like T L K. But a few days later I decided to go and see The Lion King again. Yes, I realised that I loved it! So,I started to draw T L K. And, my T L K art pretty much progressed from that day.

I drew a lot of sketches and used colour pencils and markers in my art. I developed the lions into my favourite animals, tigers. But I eventually stopped drawing T L K, but never lost interest. (By now I mostly drew Anime/Manga.) Then, my brother, who had recognised my talent from the start and whom is a BIG inspiration to me, decided that I needed a computer to work on. *Hugs for Glenn! * He later installed Adobe PhotoShop (and many other programmes which I don't have a clue how to use) on my computer. The results are much better, as I am rubbish at colouring with coloured pencils. (PhotoShop is where I do most of my work, but still need to improve in certain areas. ^^;; )

When I got my computer and Internet access, >=D!! I decided to see if I could find more artists with the same interests as me. Of course, I stumbled over Brian's marvellous site and eventually came to the fan art section. :D Whoo! It was big even then! That was quite a while ago now. Anyway, I didn't start drawing The Lion King again until August, when I decided that I should join I'm so glad I did. I've met some absolutely fantastic artists and made some great friends! Everyone is so nice and inspiring here. *Hugs and thanks to everyone!!!!* ^____^

Only a few artists in the Archive possess the kind of confident, energetic, approachable art style that Domino has. When we see pictures that exhibit these characteristics, we all have to stop a moment, look at the picture from several different angles, let our minds construct a world around the subject in it, and appreciate all the subtle little nuances that make it such a joy to see.

The majority of Domino's work is character portraits or other character-focused pieces-- much like with Evana's art, the strength of the style really comes through in the subtleties of characters' faces and body language. Whether it's a solo portrait showing off a particular emotion on a character, or an interaction piece hinting at a larger story, one gets the impression that the artist most enjoys driving right to the heart of the matter when it comes to capturing a feeling-- no complex settings or backgrounds are needed, since they can tend to get in the way of a pure exploration of character. And there's never a lack of character in Domino's work.

But one of the most remarkable aspects of Domino's art, especially recently, is her contribution to the often very extraordinary pieces of pencil-sketch animations that have been showing up more and more often. Her animations are the real deal-- many frames of motion, showing off such techniques as squash-and-stretch, shifting of weight and balance, and lip motion... all techniques that are seldom seen outside of professionally trained animators. Domino's success in the medium speaks very well of her potential in the field, especially if she feels encouraged enough by her accomplishments to pursue some longer and more ambitious projects.

But in the meantime, there is plenty more to enjoy about Domino's work. Her creative renditions of well-known characters into unfamiliar situations or even transplanted species (a fun and fairly common thing to see on the Archive these days) are often right on the money and quite insightful. Her color sense, also owing a lot to the world of animation, meshes perfectly with her sharp, energetic character designs; Domino knows how to make color work just as hard as line to create a character or an emotion. Her Lion King character art, too, is just as enjoyable as her original or requested character work. It's a unique lens through which to see our familiar world, and that's what the fan-art community is all about.

Congratulations to Domino, and here's to a lot more of the awesome work!

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