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When it comes to Lion King fan-art that's pleasing to the eyes as well as the mind, you can't do much better than Sabrea's work. Her bright colors and smooth, animation-style coloring bring the same kind of appeal to her characters that we find in the original movie-- an easy familiarity that draws us into her world.
I was very excited to see I'd gotten artist of the month. Thanks to everyone out there who voted for me!

Well, I've been drawing since I could hold a pencil, which dates back to probably even before I was a year old. Obviously my "art" from back then consisted of multi-colored scribbles, but as I grew, most of my subject matter came from my pet cats. I'm one of those "only child; living in the middle of nowhere" types so I grew up having to entertain myself; often by creating art.

I've liked TLK from the moment I set foot in a theater in 1994. I've always loved cats, art, and good music, so when a movie comes out that combines all 3, well... obsession is inevitable.

My computer colored art consists of scanned sketches colored in Adobe Photoshop with the use of my tablet. I always try to shoot for creating a convincing emotion in each picture, along with a background to compliment it. I've never been much a fan for 'floating' characters (meaning those that just float on a white background) so I always try to give each character some solid ground to stand on, even if it's just some colorful cloudy stuff. Many of my pictures also have symbolism, whether it's obvious or not. I create each individual picture for a reason, and usually that reason is hidden in the picture's meaning.

Unlike a lot of the talented individuals here, I don't aspire to have an art-related career. Drawing is more of a hobby to me then anything else. It's a way I express myself, and not something I could ever do for money. That's part of the reason I don't have a wide variety of animals or characters; I tend to focus on developing one concept.

I suppose that's about all I can say about my work. I'm very happy that a lot of people seem to enjoy it. Thanks again everyone, you've made my day!
One thing is clear almost immediately from looking at Sabrea's art: she loves the feel of the animation art in The Lion King, and so she's kept very close to the style we see in the movie: the colors she chooses are drawn carefully from the palettes used in the movie, giving her pieces a compositional atmosphere that evokes the same universe as the movie itself does. She also often keeps to a coloring style that even resembles painted animation cels, furthering the impression that her work is inspired by the same visual sensibilities that Disney portrayed.

Soft, rounded shapes make up character figures that show a thorough understanding of the anatomy that's necessary in creating this kind of fan-art. Sabrea covers the whole range of big cats in her exploration of the artistic world, though by focusing most commonly on lions and lionesses she has developed a very powerful and appealing design for them, one that she uses to great effect in the character-driven scenes in which characters' emotions are painted expressively on their faces and convey the complexities of the personalities quite effectively.

For someone not planning a career in art, Sabrea shows understanding of artistic methods that many professional art students lack. Her compositional and coloring skills are hard to beat, especially when it comes to expressing the emotions of a scene simply through a carefully chosen color palette. Whether it's fiery rage or calm, grassy twilight, the colors of the background complement the scene perfectly. This is definitely where Sabrea's strength lies: in building a piece of "artwork", not just a "picture". Her statement that there's always a hidden meaning or symbolism in her work is easily borne out when one sees the energy and passion lurking in the grass or behind the rocks in her backgrounds.

It's always a pleasure to see new art by Sabrea appear, and we all can only hope for much more of it!

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