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Jamala's gallery at isn't a large one, but that doesn't stand in the way of her being one of the Lion King fan-art community's favorite contributors. She's been here for over two years, and more and more visitors continue to discover her unique talents.
Wow. I was shocked when I saw the e-mail from Brian in the mailbox that said I was picked for the Artist of the Month! I don't post too many pictures at a time and I wasn't really expecting it. And what luck, it's even on my birthday month! ^_^ Thanks to everyone that voted for me! =D I'm extremely happy you've enjoyed my art!

Well, I've been drawing as far as I remember. I never really got too serious about it until I actually found two things I really enjoyed drawing. Dinosaurs and The Lion King. Both, I was heavily interested in and still am today. I learned proportions and the study of muscles by looking at skeletons and the basic muscular system of dinosaurs (using skeletons for those types of things can be -very- useful! ;D). By drawing The Lion King, I taught myself how to draw in a more cartoony style to add expression and emotions. Now, I'm not saying everyone should go my route, you all find your own road to take to create and build your own style. Draw what you enjoy and feel like drawing, and build from that. You'll have more fun and teach yourself more, everyday!

"Even though I've been drawing for years, I learn something new every day." - From a good friend of mine, Frank DeNota.
One of the things that makes Jamala's art such a prize is that her style for drawing the Lion King characters comes very close to that of the actual movie. Her renditions of Mufasa, Sarabi, Scar, and Nala (which can be seen right here in these example pictures) not only hold to the original character models to a truly outstanding level, but they portray the personalities of the characters just as well as the movie does. Conveying that kind of information is much more difficult than simply drawing on-model.

Character is always present in each of Jamala's pictures. Whether of original movie characters or of portraits or art trades, her drawings are never lacking in a sense of emotion or movement that captures the essence of her subjects. This is made all the more enjoyable by her extensive understanding of anatomy, which lets her draw lions and dinosaurs in all kinds of positions with that spark of physical truth that we seldom see outside of professional animation studios. From comic-book style pieces like her King Ahadi portrait and the Mufasa/Sarabi scene to her detailed pencil drawings of animals like quaggas and kudus, there's always the feeling of weight and balance that turns the character from a collection of lines on paper into a living, breathing entity.

It has also been extremely interesting to watch Jamala progress and expand her skill over the time she's been with the Archive. Her earliest pictures on't have as much energy or character as the later ones, nor do they show the complex and insightful use of color that she has grown to display in popular works such as "He Lives in You". These pieces clearly involve a lot of work, but judging by the number of her pictures in fans' Favorite Pictures albums, the payoff is well worth it.

It's with good reason that Jamala has been one of the Archive's favorite artists almost from the start. It's very likely that she has a career in professional art ahead of her, and as with many other gifted members of, it's exciting to think that we will have seen some of the work that got her started!

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