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That Kitty

Just a few days ago, That Kitty decided to clean out her entire gallery for a massive reorganization effort. When all her pictures disappeared, artists from all over reacted with alarm-- and understandably so, because That Kitty is one of those artists whose work greatly brightens up the whole Archive, and we'd all hate to see it go. Fortunately, she has since filled her gallery back to brimming with art, and we can all breathe easy again.
Nothing means more to me than to crack a smile on someone's face from a silly picture I drew, or to make someone at least feel better with a request or even a gift. When I checked my mail and Brian had told me I was the artist of the month for July, I couldn't contain my happiness! I smiled from ear to ear and gave a hug to the nearest person by my side. Thank you for voting for me, I'm glad to know I've brought smiles to all of you! :)

So how did I get into TLK art? Well, I began as an artist drawing original works from my imagination, way before 'The Lion King', until I was introduced to the fan art of the movie in 1998. That same year I had began to muck on TLKmuck, and that is when Kuliwa was born in the Lion King world. She is a creation of me and who I am, she is me. That is when I realized I needed at least a drawing of myself to show others. I already was a heavy mucker, though I never tried the art, so went for it. The entire feel of the TLK world just grasped onto me and wouldn't let me go! It made me happy to draw for others and then I decided to submit my works here at later that year. I watched this place grow and became inspired in my Lion King art, trying my best to improve it each time I made new fan art.

That was the start of it all, and as the years have grown I've learned new techniques, new ways to color, and new ways of inspiration. As a Lion King fan and as an artist, I will always be grateful to Brian for setting up for all inspired artists. It is my home for my TLK art, and each time I come here it brightens my day to see all these wonderful artists around me. I will continue to add to my archive and return the happiness back to each and every one of you out there, and I thank you once again for this honor of being "Artist of the Month". I love you all.


Because she's been a part of's fan-art system since 1998, That Kitty has not only always been one of those familiar names that the place wouldn't seem the same without, but her progress has also been something to watch with great interest. From her early work that dipped frequently into anime for inspiration, to her most recent experimental efforts that involve new media as well as old, the progression has been very fun to watch.

The constant through all of her work over the years has been a mix of vibrant colors and beautifully done character construction. Some earlier work from her has been observed to cause insulin shock, while later ones strike the viewer with their strength and energy; but through them all the sense of mood conveyed by the colors in the background and the characters, coupled with the skill by which the characters' anatomy and expressions are executed, combine for a viewing experience that never fails to please the eye.

That Kitty's work ranges from character portraits to "crossover" fan-art and comic gags. The level of detail varies, but as some of the examples on this page show, when she wants to do detail, there's no stopping her. Yet while her more intensive efforts are rivalled only by a few other artists here, when she decides to do something simple and effective, like her current profile picture, a sense of creativity shows through that doesn't get bogged down in effects or complexity. Not many artists are that versatile.

We've had That Kitty's work here at the Archive to enjoy for some three years now, and with any luck we will have it for years to come as well!

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