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Dolphy (Dolphiana)

Dolphy (Dolphiana) has rapidly grown in popularity in recent months. An artist from Germany, her unique mix of Lion King and dolphin art brings a great deal of color to the Archive and to those who visit her gallery.
I was really glad when Brian told me that I`m the "Artist of the Month" and I almost jumped with joy! :D

Well,my art...what shall I say?My pics are usually drawn with coloured pencils and only sometimes mouse-drawn('cause I`ve still no really good computer programm,...Photoshop is sooo expensive.)But I love drawing at school, especially during math and physics lessons. :D

I`ve always loved Disney`s "Lion King" and have drawn lions first when I was 10 years old.They looked terrible,of course.Then I didn`t draw them for a long time although I still liked the movie.But when I found the TLK-archive with its many great artists I finally started drawing lions again.And (I think) I`m becoming better with every pic and I really hope that I`ll work for Disney one day.That`s my greatest dream and the main reason why I draw.

However,I thank ya all for voting me and I hope that you`ll like my pics furthermore. : ) : ) : )
Though she has only been with the Archive for a few short months, Dolphy (Dolphiana) has developed quite a fan following among visitors to in that time. With nearly 200 pictures to her name, each one displaying a lot of effort and feeling, her contribution to the Archive has been very welcome.

The strength of Dolphy (Dolphiana)'s art is the color. Her work is mostly done in colored pencils assisted by computer tools; the result, especially since her characters are well-developed and full of personality and expression, is a world full of vibrant energy and emotion guided by the color scheme of each picture. Bright primary colors and abstract shapes in the backgrounds indicate happiness, friendship, and the joy of life. Blues and grays in calm patterns convey a somber sense of self-awareness for the characters, and a gentle melancholy. Dark, starlit backgrounds lend an air of mystery to character portraits that otherwise would not have had the same kind of depth of personality.

Of course, color would only be an interesting sideline if not for the fact that Dolphy (Dolphiana) has a very strong grasp of character design, style, and balance. Each of her characters has not only personality but also physical weight, conveyed by soft shading with colored pencils that bring a gentle roundness to all her shapes. Characters have a definite "presence" in each picture-- you can almost feel their bulk and the curves of their limbs. This is made all the more effective by the intensely readable expressions on each character-- whether a portrait done in an art trade, or a study of a featured movie character, the emotions of the situation are never absent or oversimplified. This brings her characters and those of her friends to life effortlessly.

Considering her name, it's not surprising that Dolphy (Dolphiana)'s passion in art extends not only to Lion King characters, but to other animals and to dolphins in particular. Any time I see animals other than lions in the Archive I smile, because after all, the wild landscape of Africa is made up much more heavily of creatures like antelope and gazelles than of lions and cheetahs. Dolphy (Dolphiana) understands this well, and the result is a collection of art that spans a complete world, not just a set of formulas and templates. This will also help her develop further in her art career.

Here's wishing her well on that journey!

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