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Far and away the most prolific contributor to, Azanti has a collection of nearly 700 pictures in the Archive-- and that's since a complete start-over from scratch at the beginning of 2001! Azanti shows a tremendous zeal for creating art, and the speed at which she produces it reflects this enthusiasm quite clearly.

I was so, so surprised when Brian emailed me to tell me I was the Artist of the Month! I mean, after all...most of the time, I just draw my own characters or others characters, not the original film characters!

My main inspirations for art are emotions, music, tv shows and music. ;) Yes, I'm that one who draws Savage Garden and Friends! My main characters are Azanti, Exile and the 'infamous' Mwogo...hehe They're the main characters in "Penya Dunias Kwa Weusi", which is my TLK fanfiction, though Simba and the original characters etc are only featured in one, mabye two, chapters...sorry!

I can't really think of much else to say now except thanks to everyone who voted for me, it really made my day...have a nice day! :)

Azanti has been creating Lion King fan-art for years now, and she's gone in more directions with it over that time than most other artists. Her work ranges from character portraits to TLK-style caricatures to comic art, and a familiar cast of recurring characters gives the portfolio a life and an appeal that sets it apart from the crowd. Whether it's original TLK universe characters or stylized Savage Garden or "Friends" personalities, they all somehow fit together into the same artistic landscape.

Mostly scanned pencil/pen-and-ink drawings, Azanti's style is cartoony and comic, with a free and light demeanor to it that shows that getting the essence of a scene or character across is more important than spending vast amounts of time concentrating on intricate technique. Azanti's gifts are clearly in this area rather than in the carefully crafted backgrounds and textures that some artists are justifiably proud to have mastered; but it's this comic openness that gives Azanti's art its approachable friendliness.

It is hardly surprising, with this in mind, that Azanti has recently announced a comic project starring her "Cally Cat" character, a project which will mean a decline for a while in the amount of art that she uploads to the Archive. This tells us that she definitely recognizes the comic strength of her work and is willing to take the next step toward bringing it to a wider audience, and we can only wish her the best of luck.

At the same time, other artists will have the opportunity to try to catch up to Azanti's truly astronomical number of uploaded pictures.
(Have mercy on me, please! Don't take this too literally, everyone-- I have enough work approving your uploads as it is! :)
Whether anyone will succeed remains to be seen, but we can be sure that Azanti will be back periodically to refresh the energy and spirit of her Lion King fan-art.

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