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It's hardly necessary to introduce Antheos. Quite possibly the most unique style at, she has been here a long time and produced some of the most visually stunning artwork available anywhere.
I was surprised when Brian told me I was chosen for the 'Artist of the month' because I'm not very common in drawing in 'The Lion King style'. I tried two or three pictures in that style, and recognized that I'm not good in it. So I started to make realistic looking pictures. I mainly use my airbrush system or color my scanned sketches in Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro. Therfore I use the brush-tool and the smudge tool to make the fur structure. It takes a lot time to finish such a picture, but drawing means everything to me.

I'm inspired by a lot of things. Music, dreames, games, movies and legends about the native Americans. I prefer drawing felines and fantasy pictures, but at art school I have to do a lot of realistic stuff, too.

I love to do art trades with other artists, but at the moment I have not much free time, because I'm a student in graphic design and I also have a job.

In my less free time I work on pictures of my characters or illustrations for my stories. I'm also planning to do a comic book one day. Antheos is one of my story characters which I hold close to my heart and which I often use a pseudonym. I have written a lot of stories about him, his species (the Nox) and the world they're living in. Most of them are written in German, but as soon as I have more free time I'll translate them and build up a webpage for my stories and pictures.

Intense realism and attention to detail are apparent throughout Antheos's work. Characters are so meticulously rendered (through airbrush effects and digital manipulation) as to appear photo-realistic at first glance, but closer examination reveals definite well-defined personalities and background stories behind every face-- a feat that normally can't be achieved without adopting a more "cartoony" style. Antheos succeeds in capturing emotion and intelligence in realistic animal designs-- "character" rather than simply "style".

Backgrounds are photo-realistic, often taken from actual photographic art which can be found at the artist's personal website. These backgrounds complement the realism of the characters; while many artists will simply place an iconic or "cartoony" character onto a photo-realistic background, Antheos understands the problems associated with having two such different levels of realism in the same picture, and instead brings the photographic backgrounds slightly back into the "fantasy" realm with mystical connotations, eerie colors, and larger-than-life settings. The result is a world where the characters seem to belong to the landscape, rather than simply being an ornament to it.

As prevalent as her full-color character work is, this doesn't mean Antheos is any stranger to other styles, like the sharp lines and solid colors of animated GIFs. She has several of these in her gallery; at least as much as the static pictures, they give an impression of well-understood big cat anatomy, something essential for the realism level of the rest of her work to be successful.

While her color work is astonishing and thought-provoking, her grayscale work is even more mysterious and emotional, in many cases. The airbrush effect works particularly well in pictures like these, giving everything a soft edge and a smoothness that is usually only found in the best professional graphic-art work. It's truly amazing that we can have this level of technique among the Lion King fan-art here, a perfect counterpoint to so many of the other massively talented members who each bring a unique expertise to the Archive.

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