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J.C. has only been a part of for a short time, but already he has displayed considerable talent and a willingness to draw the featured movie characters even more than his own or friends' characters, a trait that is not often found among our fan-artists.

Joining the Archive only two months ago, J.C. only has a comparatively small art collection so far; but it is all worthy of attention, showing great versatility and a passion for the subject matter.
I'm pleased and exciting that I was elected as the Featured Artist of this month so quickly,I have a lot of pic propositions which have not been finished yet~~ Well,I'm not a Disney fan,just TLK attract me only.Actually,I love the Japanese comics and animations more than Disney's.I usually draw Japanese style comics and do many works of sketch,watercolor,Chinese tradional painting,engraving...ect in school,that is a part of my work.It is almost my expertise to drawing all kinds of animals(including Dinosaurs),especially I enjoying drawing TLK very much which becomes my favorable activities.

It didn't cause too much interst to me when I first saw TLK1.Then I saw TLK2 and found Kovu was so~~ cool and so~~ cute! I started to draw TLK pics again all because him. Several month ago,I saw this FanArt Archive,I wanted to put some of my works on it...but I couldn't because I don't have a scanner. In the end of this January,I thought drawing with a mouse might be as well as drawing with a pen.So I tried drow CG with my mouse and photoshop...then I made it! But drawing with a mouse was very tired,slowly and I must sitting in front of my computer all day long~~~ so I almost stay at home during Jan and Feb... (We have a winter vacation in Taiwan during this time.) Now you know I started drawing these pics not a long time ago.

After my mouse drawing become more skillful,I then start practiceing many new works.There may be some difficul parts in the pic drawing,but I'll try to solve with more interest and fun.I like drawing pic with a complete composition and background.I also like to show the character emotion or personality on my works.In my opinion,only drawing the character mold well,without adding any background or just painting some simple colors,is NOT a great art of work.So I try to have most of my work toward this direction.(Not every work...that will kill me -__-b)

Besides drawing,I like to create stories,too.I made a long story regarding Scar's past in Chinese lately,so I also designed his parents' faces...but it's a pity that I'm not able to translate it into English....!__! I create very few characters,because I like to make complete stories for them which is not easy.It would be meaningless to create a character without complete stories.However I really like to do requests for others.

Now I go back to school and I can use my school's scanner which is much easier. At last,my English is very poor,(I say this almost everytime when writeing English letters ...=__=)I realy like to make friends with other artists in a relaxed and eazy conditions.Please bear with me...and I'll keep on drawing my works!
Drawing clear influence from anime and popular TV animation styles, J.C.'s art retains a "comic" style with sharp linework and heavy use of iconography such as blocky chins and expressive eyes. Also comic-like is the frequent use of detailed backgrounds, often so well-rendered as to not look out of place in a genuine animated feature. Plants and water are used without hesitation, as are complex lighting techniques and meticulous texturing on surfaces like rocks and bushes. These backgrounds lend more effectiveness to the expressive characters laid on top of them.

Personality abounds in J.C.'s work. Also comic-like, the characters have a carefully leashed flamboyance that brings out their emotions in camera angles and facial expressions rather than with expansive actions. No two poses are ever alike; each individual picture is a specific scene, bringing out a character's personality in the context of a situation rather than defined internally. J.C. does do character studies and portraits, but those are the exception rather than the rule; most pieces are fully realized, cinematic "moments" that let the viewer inhabit the same world as the character for the few moments of viewing.

And yet there is a humility to the work, a definite "fan" quality that makes for enthusiasm and passion that more than compensates for any technical flaws that might exist. A fair amount of fan-art from other shows and vaguely related ones are included; this demonstrates a desire to climb toward several ideals at once, which has resulted in an interesting and well-developed personal style. J.C. will be an artist to watch as time goes on.

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