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One of the longest-running artists at, Snowy is one of the highest-rated and most popular. And with good reason-- her work is fun-loving and full of character, and she creates a world with her art that steps straight out of the screen into the mind of the viewer.
Snowy's art is character-oriented-- it focuses on friends' characters, often done through requests, and concentrates on capturing the mood of that character through the animation-derived technique of body language. A happy character appears happy through its unmistakable energy. A sad character droops in every line, transmitting the emotion effortlessly. And a determined character strides purposefully, resolve in every motion, as though carved from wood.

But perhaps the most striking feature of Snowy's work is the inherent sense of humor. The stylized, cartoony facial features work best when the picture has an irreverent punchline or visual gag (as some of these example pictures illustrate), or if it's a character with comic energy, as are many of the characters Snowy draws.

Yet her style can also soften to encompass more somber, complex scenes; the same energy that drives her sillier pieces can be turned with equal effectiveness to handling serious illustrations for fan-fiction. Snowy is definitely one of the most versatile artists at

She works primarily in colored pencils, which is an interesting choice for her flamboyant style; her later work, though, is moving towards computer coloring, which allows for more vivid expressions of the vibrant energy in the pictures.

One of the Archive's oldest and most prolific members, Snowy has added a great deal to the Lion King fan community over the years; we can hope that she continues to explore her skills and styles in years to come.

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