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One of the newest artists at is also one of the most remarkable. Evana, a 15-year-old budding animator from Iceland, has a sense of style, color, and character design that make her work a rare treat for the eyes.

I describe my art as a soft and cute Disney style..or so says almost everybody :) And my influences are from mostly from Disney! And from artists here and there ^_^ I was surfing throgh the net one day and saw this REALLY nice webpage with all the stuff out of TLK, one of my favorite Disney movies! And I saw and ya know the rest ^_^ I really hope that some day I could work at a animation studio.. and the biggest dream of all, be working with the people of Disney ^_^ doesn't everybody wanna go there? :))

Almost every one of Evana's pieces gives a sense of true enjoyment of the act of creating. Her characters range from energetic, curvaceous animal characters to anthropomorphics with intense character and personality. Her finished and colored pieces feature vibrant, rich colors, and her character pieces appear on backdrops of riotous patterned color, matched ideally to the tone of the piece and the character featured.

Even more enjoyable, in its way, is Evana's pencil work. Her "unfinished" sketches show a confidence in construction that is usually present only in professional animators. The three-dimensional weight of the surfaces is made apparent by the careful shading work and subtle cross-hatching that make these pencil drawings just as complex and full of character as the finished pieces.

One of the truly outstanding aspects to her work, though, is character design. Each of her characters has a distincive personality just from the facial features, expression, and body style. Rather than relying on surface markings to distinguish her characters, Evana makes some faces powerful, some devious, some goofy, and some cute. There is always a story to be told by every character she draws, and that is where the fascination lies.

We can all hope Evana makes it into the animation industry. She clearly has the potential to be one of the great ones. But until then, we can consider ourselves lucky to have her work featured here for us to enjoy!

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