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February 2018 KimiKubby

It's time we recognized an artist whose contributions have been a familiar sight on our front page, since they arrive so regularly and so often: KimiKubby, whose long-running comic projects are in full swing and not slowing down anytime soon. She's been part of the site for many years, but her recent work has really made her star rise to new heights.

February 2017 Sukala A.P.

Sukala A.P. is definitely one of the stars of the TLKFAA these days. With an unquenchable spirit of fun and creativity, she's established herself in a very short time as one of the most memorable, most valued members of our community thanks to frequent postings of wild, zany, and always unpredictable expressions of joy and fun. It's exactly the kind of spirit that has kept this community so vibrant for so long, and it assures me that there's plenty of energy in this fandom to sustain new generations of fan-artists every time the calendar ticks over.

May 2016 Ko

Ko is one of the artists who's been with the Archive longer than almost anyone else here. Joining in 2004, when the site was in its heyday, she began as just another face in the crowd—someone with the inspiration to join this community and contribute to the flood of artistic output, but otherwise somehow slipping under a lot of people's radar. Still, over time, steadily, she has built up an art career that places her among the highest echelons of TLKFAA members, people who have established themselves as artists of extraordinary skill and unquenchable creative energy, enabling them to make a living from the artistic skills that they honed right here at the TLKFAA.

February 2016 Alan the leopard

One of the TLKFAA's most intriguing members, Alan the leopard, is the recipient of the spotlight this time around, and as a part of the community for very nearly a decade it's certainly well deserved. He's a prolific creator with a highly unique and personal style, plus a distinctive sense of humor that pervades all his work. Always acutely conscious of the dynamics of the TLKFAA community and his role in it, Alan the leopard has become one of the mainstays of the site, and with excellent reason.

August 2015 pooky15

pooky15 is a perfect example of an artist who came to this site at the start of her creative career, full of invention and ambition, and over the course of the past five years has gotten so steadily better and better—incorporating more and more detail and character and artistic flair with each new upload—that her art has become scarcely recognizable as coming from the same person who first joined us back in 2010.

Any new artist just picking up a pencil or a tablet for the first time would do well to take a tour through pooky15's gallery, for inspiration as well as for the art's own merit. Because she certainly deserves accolades for both.

April 2015 Roarie

I've been waiting for what seems like years—probably because it has been years—for the day when I'd be writing this introduction for this month's honoree, Roarie. Because she joined the site way back in 2006, back when it underwent its first major redesign (the one which has lasted until the present day, unbelievably), and ever since then her skills have been developing and growing right along with the site's own history. Lately her art has been full of some really amazing sketches and character design work, and so it's fitting that we give her work a well-deserved closer look!

January 2015 Firehart95

It's time to recognize an artist whose work has in a relatively short time raised her profile in our community to a level where just about everyone knows her name. And rightly so: her work is refreshingly vibrant, charmingly personal, and shows a level of carefulness and precision that we rarely see. She continues to dabble in different media, exploring the limits of what is possible for her, and with each new picture she finds that those limits are more and more easily overcome. Let's take a moment to appreciate her work!

November 2014 Thowra

Communities change, and so do the people who make them up. Members come and go. Even the focus of the group's identity shifts over time, as is natural for one such as ours, which is based on the cultural impact and prominence of a movie which by now has entered "classic" status. But we are lucky in that we can always find evidence of the community's strength in how its individual members have grown as people as well as as artists; and that's certainly the case with Thowra, this month's honoree.

September 2014 Dean

Dean runs away with the prize this time around—and small wonder, looking at the impressive contents of his gallery. His abilities have been a long time in development, and since he joined the TLKFAA in 2008 we probably could all have seen that one day he would be featured here on the front page. The fact that that day has come, however, doesn't mean he's "done" growing as an artist, as he eloquently states below.

July 2014 Impano

The spotlight this month goes to Impano, an artist whose gallery, while modest, makes up for that with sheer exuberance for its chosen subject matter: Timon. Impano is a huge Timon fan, and her artistic career here for the past several years has centered upon mastering how that beloved character's essence can best be captured in art. Judging by these featured images from her gallery, she's got the secrets well in hand.

May 2014 Kahllynn

With a sunny attitude and an inexhaustible drive to improve, Kahllynn has taken the spotlight this month as our Featured Artist. In the near-decade she's been with the Archive, she has broadened the scope of her art tremendously, experimenting with styles and subjects that challenge her, and yet she's never lost sight of how far she's come. looking at the quality of what she produces nowadays, she absolutely deserves to be proud.

April 2014 Liney

Sometimes we get the opportunity to recognize an artist who has been with the site for literally almost her entire life—or at least for the whole span of time since her choices have been her own. That's the case with Liney, who joined the TLKFAA over thirteen years ago, an eternity in Internet time but just as impressive when considering how quickly most artists progress through phases of interests in their teen years and beyond. Over the past decade Liney has continued to find inspiration in The Lion King just as she did way back in 2001, and her continued dedication is a testament both to the movie and to her own creative energy and passion as an artist.

March 2014 Lia-Lioness

Lia-Lioness is a name that's been seen a whole lot lately on the front page of the Archive—taking the place by storm, one might say. She's been a part of the TLKFAA since 2011, but it's only in the last few months that she's really started to burst onto the scene with a burgeoning outgrowth of creativity and artistic development. Though this is by no means the only site on which she maintains an art account, it's certainly the one that has benefited the most from her contributions recently. Let's take a look at some of what she's got to offer!

February 2014 *Ari*

In less than three short years, *Ari* has progressed by leaps and bounds in her artistic development, rapidly distinguishing herself as someone with some serious potential. Her fans recognize it too—her friends and collaborators have seen how far she's come in recent months and the irresistible, cute style she's developed, and have responded with the votes to make her this month's Featured Artist. Let's take a look through the gallery of one of the Archive's up-and-coming stars!

December 2013 telltaleheart

This month, we take a look at telltaleheart—an artist who has been with the TLKFAA for nearly ten years, and whose recognition is a long time in coming. Almost from the very beginning she has been creating super-cute lion art that captures the feel of the movie and its universe with a sense of fun and exuberance that is familiar to all fans of Disney's work. Since then she's racked up over 500 pictures in her gallery, and she's retained that sense of fun and whimsy throughout her time here.

November 2013 klasher

klasher, this month's honoree, came to this site through the rather unique and unusual avenue of the crossover between hard rock and The Lion King that seems to be a distinguishing feature of this site and its community. Her earliest pieces display her fascination with lionizations of musicians like Slash, Alice Cooper, and Gene Simmons, and that inspiration kept her focused—as it did many other artists here—for a good long time. But every artist branches out eventually; and in the three years since she came her, she has honed her artistic drive to bring her in new and more rewarding directions. Her current style is a crisp and cartoony one, yet always with an edge that owes to the rough-cut path she took to get where she is today.

October 2013 V-V-Ditchum

V-V-Ditchum is forever experimenting, and with over a thousand pictures in her gallery there's hardly a corner of her creative spirit she hasn't explored through her art here. But perhaps more remarkable is the degree to which those thousand pictures have chronicled her own growth as an artist and as a person, and which V-V-Ditchum has carefully organized by year to provide us all with a visual record of all the ups and downs of her time here on the TLKFAA. It's that reason, as much as love of The Lion King that has kept this site running for so long. It's an honor to host galleries like this one that do far more than just showcase a person's creativity, but also open a window into her mind and soul.

September 2013 Chipo

It hasn't taken her long, compared to some artists here—just four years—nor a tremendous number of pictures. But Chipo has, in that short time and with only a few hundred drawings in her gallery, amassed a strong and enthusiastic fan following who are drawn irresistibly to her mastery of the cute and imaginative character designs that flow from her pen and fit so well into the universe of The Lion King while retaining so much of her own unique sense of cartoonish humor.

Whether it's a canon TLK character or a design all her own, or a rendition of someone else's flight of artistic fancy (such as the camel-spider character Azareth at right, found on her extensive DeviantArt site), Chipo brings an enthusiasm to the enterprise that shows through in everything she creates. There's a brightness in the eyes she draws, a softness to the expresions, and an overall approachability to the characters' physicality that can come only from real, honest hard work in pursuit of true self-driven mastery of the subject. That's the kind of motivation that lifts a person's art to the level where fans will sit up and take notice. And in Chipo's case, they certainly have.

August 2013 KanuTGL

Ten years is a long time to be a member of an art site like the TLKFAA... but not for someone like KanuTGL, whose time spent here has been as much a part of her life as any of us old-school fans of the movie who created sites like this one over a decade ago. It's been such an influence on our lives that we can't imagine a world without it. And KanuTGL exemplifies this through her work that has spanned the past ten years and more with a wonderful texture and skill all her own.

July 2013 Mithril

Mithril has been with the Archive for an awfully long time, and while her gallery isn't as enormous as some other folks' here, it makes up for that in sheer stunning quality. Even from the earliest days her creative output has been impressive, with vibrant emotionality and a keen eye for color, not to mention a wide range of interests that keep her engaged in a great many worlds and universes, some more tangentially related to The Lion King, others anchored far away from it. Her interests keep her busy, but her active mind is always at work, and she's not hesitant to tell us everything that's on her mind—for which we can all be appreciative.

June 2013 TSWGrey

It's barely been a year since TSWGrey joined the Archive, but that's been plenty of time for her to make a splash. Right from the beginning her art has had an energy and a confidence to it that any viewer can tell is the mark of an artist who's destined for greatness. And in the intervening months, her friendly nature and winning attitude have earned her a great many fans whose votes have spoken rousingly for her to be our honoree this month!

May 2013 Sun Rei

This month we honor an artist whose small number of pictures—less than 100—doesn't indicate any lack of prolific artistic output, or newness, or anything like that. Sun Rei used to have hundreds and hundreds of pieces in her gallery, most of which have been removed for one reason or another. What she's left online here for us to see, though, tells the story of her history with this site and this community: it's an artistic tradition in its own right, one that countless artists can attest holds its fascination even once you've branched out to other genres or re-evaluated your approach to your artistic development. Lion King art is more than just a building block in an up-and-coming art career. For a great many people, as Sun Rei's experience suggests, it's home.

April 2013 Atarial

There's no denying that Atarial has produced some of the most strikingly show-accurate art that this site has ever seen. Just a glance at her body of work tells the tale: she's a tremendously talented artist whose hard work over the past six years has paid off well in making her into a professional-grade illustrator and animator whose ambitions are bound to carry her far in her career. It's high time we recognized her here on this site as our Featured Artist.

March 2013 Timba Twotail

Some of our Featured Artists come from the ranks of those who have only recently joined the Archive; some are artists who have been with us for a good long while. But few that earn the votes of their peers for our monthly spotlight have anything like the seniority that Timba Twotail does—an artist who is a "fixture" of the TLKFAA like almost nobody else is. With 13 years of experience and an always engaged presence, he's someone who just about everyone knows, and it's about time we gave him the recognition he deserves.

February 2013 Njeri

When it comes to art that conveys the look, feel, and mood of the canon Lion King movies as faithfully as possible, you can't do a lot better than this month's honoree, Njeri. With a nearly exclusive focus on characters and situations from the official material, she's honed her skills with these characters to a razor edge. Yet, remarkably, it wasn't even until a year ago that she really began to work in the show's style at all.

January 2013 shebu

shebu is a big Tolkien fan, so already she scores big points with me. But one has only to dig a little bit to see that there's a whole lot more to her artistic skills and her layers of inspiration than can be captured in a simple one-liner. She's got a ton of facets to her personality, all of which surface in her art in one way or another, and contribute toward making her one of the most outspoken and multifaceted artists on the TLKFAA.

December 2012 AUBZ

With a canon-heavy gallery and a distinctive, dark-lined movie-derived style, AUBZ is an artist whose journey of personal growth has taken her to places she perhaps had never dreamed of going. She takes her art seriously, having developed a sense of respect for it as she has developed her skills over the years she has been a part of the TLKFAA. It's been a long time coming, but she has most certainly earned her spot on the front page this month.

November 2012 GoingGoingGone

Our honoree this month is an up-and-comer who is pretty clearly at the beginning of what's bound to be a long and fruitful artistic career. Her art (by her own admission) is not as flashy or as polished as some of the material we've featured here on the front page; but that doesn't mean that it won't someday be the subject of a retrospective look at how one of the most beloved and prolific artists in the Lion King fandom got her start.

October 2012 anelalani

She's been with us at the TLKFAA for nearly a decade, and in that time she's produced hundreds of pictures—the earliest ones barely more than pencil doodles, and the latest ones some of the richest, most expressive, emotionally charged pieces of art on the site. It's high time we recognize anelalani for her years of contributions to this site, and for her ambitious and extraordinarily successful track record of achievement in her art.

September 2012 Kohu

With a presence primarily at DeviantArt, Kohu is an artist who has only been with us here at the TLKFAA for a brief time—but by no means does that mean her art isn't accomplished. Quite the contrary: it's some of the most beautiful, richest, and most source-accurate Lion King art that I've ever seen. There's hardly a single piece in her gallery that isn't simply wonderful to look at, and for that she gets this month's spotlight.

August 2012 Timitu

Eleven years. That's got to be some kind of record. But as a member of the TLKFAA since 2001, Timitu is one of those artists you just can't believe hasn't had her turn in the Artist of the Month spotlight yet. It's high time we rectify this situation and recognize one of the most steadfast and prolific artists on the Archive, whose continued presence and contributions give the site its real sense of life and continuity.

July 2012 Blazing Black Mage

Our spotlight this month goes to Blazing Black Mage, an artist whose creative career has been shaped and defined in large part by her membership here at the TLKFAA for the past six years, carrying her from youth into adulthood, and her art from the simplistic and rough to a level that will impress any observer. She has honed her skills tirelessly and with unquenchable enthusiasm, understanding how much work is involved in excelling and just how worthwhile the journey is once she does. The results, quite simply, speak for themselves.

June 2012 Juffy

Our honoree this month, Juffy, is well known as an artist who takes so much inspiration directly from the films' canon that almost her entire gallery of nearly 500 pictures is anchored firmly within the recognizable cast and setting of the movies. She hardly has a need to seek beyond those boundaries in order to create her art, endlessly experimenting and playing with interpretations of our beloved characters and art styles in a way that's both familiar and innovative.

May 2012 cobu96

In just over a year, cobu96 has gone from being a brand-new user of the TLKFAA to a hugely popular artist with a serious fan following—enough to earn her the spotlight this month of our Featured Artist. With some 350 pictures uploaded, encompassing a tremendous amount of development and improvement as an artist, she's definitely shown her work to be worth the attention. Let's take a look at what this unique artist has to show.

April 2012 Kash

Kash and the TLKFAA go back a long way. Indeed, with an account that dates back to 2006 with over 1400 pictures, she's one of the artists who has contributed the most to what has made this site and this community such a special place over the years. It high time she earned some recognition for all that creative work and what an example she has set for the rest of the online Lion King fandom.

March 2012 AFrozenHeart

It's always a treat to be able to feature an artist who's been here with the TLKFAA for many years. It's even more special to be able to recognize someone whose journey into art began here, long ago, before it took her to new horizons of creativity—and then brought her back again to revisit this site as her online "home", as AFrozenHeart has. A member of this site since 2006, she has been a part of our community for the whole time, but it's only recently that we've been able to enjoy her renewed interest in the art that made her a favorite with her fans here so long ago.

February 2012 AmberJF

AmberJF, a student of art in the most literal sense, has been a part of the TLKFAA for over five years. In that time she's established herself as one of the most creative and ambitious members of the site, always looking for new ways to push herself to new artistic heights, and always inspired by the same movie and universe that keep the rest of us fascinated.

January 2012 bunn

For this month's spotlight, the members of the TLKFAA have selected one of the artists who has defied categorization in a great many ways during the years he's been a part of the site. With a male perspective on the state of Lion King fan-art that's not very frequently seen, and a history with this site that covers his entire life, his experience helps to put the entire history of the movie's fandom into a fresh light. Let's take a look at some of his nearly 700 pictures.

December 2011 Kami

Since the day she joined the TLKFAA and began posting her early colored-pencil renderings of lion characters, it was clear that Kami was bound to bring great things to the Lion King fan-art community. Now, almost three years and over 250 pictures later, her art has achieved a whole new level of polish and ambition, and her gallery has won her a well-earned following of fans who have voted her this month's Featured Artist.

November 2011 Poonie

Anyone who has spent any significant amount of time at the TLKFAA will have at some point come across Poonie's iconic, easily recognizable artwork. A prolific artist with over 1,200 pictures in her gallery, her line-art contributions to the Coloring Cave have earned her as much exposure as the rest of her ambitious and usually very successful experiments. By all means, anyone who's only seen her line-work really owes it to themselves to check out the rest of Poonie's impressive gallery.

October 2011 Tina

Tina has always had a certain flair to her art style, ever since joining the Archive back in 2003; but in the nearly nine years since then, she's developed a wonderfully realistic, yet uniquely character-filled style for capturing big cats and other animals in art that bridges the gap beautifully between the technical demands of realism and the stylized exaggerations of Disney-style canon. The result gives us some of the most uniquely great Lion King art in the Archive, across a wide spectrum of art styles.

September 2011 Ileana

When it comes to lavish, intricately rendered, canon-style art, it hardly gets better than what is created by Ileana, this month's honoree. In the three years she's been with the Archive, her creative output has been methodical and steady, and her relentless pursuit of perfection has brought her to a tremendous standard of quality. Nearly everything in her gallery is gold, and her most recent creations are so detailed and expertly executed as to provide a feast for the eyes of any fan.

August 2011 Stephy

Stephy has been a part of the Archive since before its last major redesign in 2006. That much time pursuing one artistic passion can lead anyone down some pretty interesting roads; and in her case, it has brought her from relative obscurity to the point where her leonine art is among some of the most recognized and well-respected in the whole TLKFAA, as well as her artistic explorations tending out into many other directions elsewhere. Her recognition has been a long time coming, and well deserves a month in the spotlight.

July 2011 Luna Mach

This month's Featured Artist is a versatile, fearless creator of some of the most ambitious art we've seen here on the Archive. Hailing from Brazil, Luna Mach brings with her a unique take on the Lion King visual style as well as a whole variety of artistic disciplines and approaches that make nearly every picture of hers a new and fascinating demonstration of the great heights she can accomplish in her work.

June 2011 Clock

This month we honor an artist whose history with the TLKFAA is a long and accomplished one. Her art speaks for itself, as any cursory glance at these examples will show. But perhaps the best introduction anyone can give comes from Clock herself.

May 2011 Mwokozi

Despite being on hiatus at present, Mwokozi has won the votes of the TLKFAA community to be our Featured Artist this month. With over 500 pictures in her gallery and dozens of loyal fans eagerly waiting for her next upload, she deserves plenty of recognition for her enegetic and varied character work that has made terrific progress just in the year she's been here with the Archive.

April 2011 Kite

This month we feature an artist who has been with us for the better part of a decade, joining the TLKFAA back in 2003 and creating nearly 1,300 pictures since then to share with the site. Kite epitomizes the path that many artists have successfully followed, grabbing on to the compelling subject matter of Lion King fan-art in youth and letting that subject matter continually provide inspiration to accomplish more and more on the way to a career in professional art.

March 2011 Acidmouth

A native of remote Dillingham, Alaska, Acidmouth is one of those artists whose energy and creativity have helped shape the course of the TLKFAA's development over the past five years and make it into something genuinely respectable in its own right. Her art is challenging, vibrant, alive—all the things in mere still images that the fully animated world of Disney's movies had the luxury of portraying in motion. Let's look this month at an artist whose five-year stint at the TLKFAA has been illustrated throughout with great surges of quality, creativity, and life.

February 2011 Orca Owl

With over 1600 pictures in her gallery, Orca Owl is one of the busiest and most productive contributors to the TLKFAA community—and perhaps one of the best examples of how far perseverance can take you. From humble beginnings over five years ago, Orca Owl has deveoped a unique and unmistakable style and earned great respect from her peers for the quality of the art she produces today.

January 2011 kitchiki

Few artists have come so far, so fast in their artistic development as kitchiki, who joined the site back in 2006 and has never looked back. Beginning with a few modest pieces of digital line-art, she embarked on a meteoric trajectory toward the kind of greatness that earns her a place in the spotlight as one of the most accomplished artists we have here on the Archive.

December 2010 LeoNoy

LeoNoy is a master of vibrant colors and evocative expressions, both of which—when applied to a canon-heavy body of work— result in the kind of gallery that inexorably draws in fans by the dozen. Those familiar with her work both here and at DeviantArt know that LeoNoy is one of the most prolific, busiest, and most energetic artists currently working in the genre, and her flair for big cats makes her Lion King fan-art the perfect showcase for her talents.

November 2010 Masked-lion

This month's Featured Artist, Masked-lion, packs a tremendous amount of skill into only a relative few pictures here in her gallery on the TLKFAA—less than 100 pieces. Few though they might be, each one is an intricate, joyous exhibition of the artist's irreverent nature and irrepressible sense of humor. Her fans and friends know her from her DeviantArt site as well as this one, but they also know that as diverse as her artistic tastes are, she focuses the bulk of it on Lion King fan-art—to the great benefit of our creative community.

October 2010 AlbinoRaven666

With an energetic, flamboyant style that pulls no punches in its subject matter, AlbinoRaven666 is an artist who has really found a voice with her Lion King art. Far more than just dwelling in the canon of the movies or expanding it with original characters, her modus operandi is to blend her own real experiences with the fantasy setting afforded by TLK in order to release the pressure of everyday life. Certainly this is not unique among artists here at the TLKFAA; but the way she does it really imbues the art she produces with a unique spark of creative energy that has won her a large and devoted following.

September 2010 rogue_liger

There was a tricky situation this month in picking the Featured Artist: four candidates were tied with the same number of votes. I had to make a difficult, yet rewarding personal decision in choosing which of the four stood out the most. While all the candidates are awesome artists who will all no doubt get their turn very soon, rogue_liger was the one whose work caught my eye immediately and told me, "This is the one".

August 2010 HoneyBi

The TLKFAA has had more than its fair share of up-and-coming artists who get their start drawing Lion King fan-art; but few have generated more attention in a few short months than this August's honoree, HoneyBi. This artist has cultivated an impressive variety of styles and techniques, beginning with an already well established—if a little raw—look and feel and then spending the subsequent year refining it and branching out with a confident and engaging personal flourish that she has made her own unmistakable signature.

July 2010 Oliviatc

When spotlighting artists here on the front page, it's important to remember that there's a whole variety of reasons why an artist might be considered worthy of the honor and the votes of his or her peers. It's not always about raw and overwhelming skill and artistic maturity; it's not always about who can pull off the best canon Disney-style art. Sometimes it's something a lot more personal and social: the recognition of a prolific and steadfast contributor whose tireless creation and uploading of art creates a dependable stream of activity and a social catalyst for her friends, fans, and fellow artists. That's Oliviatc to a T.

June 2010 Shembre

With a gallery full of intricate, unique pieces of original canon-centric art, Shembre is one of those artists whose recognition here in the monthly spotlight has been inevitable for a long time. Anyone who has spent any time glancing at her gallery can hardly help but fall in love with the mixture of raw skill and carefree fun on display there, and it's small wonder that she's kept as busy as she is by trades, requests, gifts, and other art for those people who recognize her as one of the TLKFAA's greats.

May 2010 Supernova

This month we take a look at an artist who has earned the recognition of the TLKFAA community after only uploading a handful of pictures—32, to be exact. How has she done this? That's easy: by working almost exclusively in MS Paint.

That's right: as hard as it is to believe, all the pictures you see in her gallery—with a few real-media exceptions—are created using a mouse and that venerable tool in the Windows Accessories folder, Paint. Paint is for most artists a stepping stone to bigger and better things; but Supernova has learned how to make it sing and dance and produce art that rivals the best stuff made in Photoshop or other multi-hundred-dollar tools. For that alone, she easily deserves our spot of honor.

April 2010 Aikachi

Five years as part of the TLKFAA community has given this month's honoree, Aikachi, a unique perspective on the Lion King fan community and how it's grown and changed over the years. Naturally, her own art follows along with much of that change, showcasing a variety of interests yet always rooted in the fundamental TLK canon that brings us all together.

March 2010 Andromeda

Andromeda, this month's honoree, is one of those artists with the "magic touch": the unmistakable ability to create a drawing that looks for all the world like it came from the desk of a professional studio artist. Her vibrant, canon-like scenes, with their slice-of-life sensibility and texture that looks as though it could have been from a licensed Disney comic or storybook (and indeed better drawn than many of the "official" subcontracted material), have made her a widely recognized and sought-after talent.

February 2010 Fluffybunny

If there's one word to summarize Fluffybunny's work, it would have to be humor. Not verbal jokey humor or silly slapstick, but the kind of intricate, visual comic sense that comes to life with pop-cultural influences from everyday life making inroads into the otherwise familiar world of Lion King fan-art. Yet that humor often gives way to a dark undercurrent, a sensibility that taps into far more disturbing imagery than we might otherwise be used to, in pursuit of genuine artistic expression from a variety of influences. What results is a constantly changing, usually unexpected, always engaging and endearing body of work that traverses the artistic landscape from Renaissance woodcuts to digital comic pages.

January 2010 GypsyRae

The approach used by this month's Featured Artist, GypsyRae, to her art is a refreshingly direct and natural one: a focus on the adaptation of human emotions and characterizations to the Disney style. Without a lot of excessive fantasy or ornamentation, GypsyRae's art—highly accomplished and uncompromising in its quality—shows strong and well-understood fundamentals which set the stage for everything else she does.

December 2009 Corrie

Corrie is an ambitiously developing artist of a diverse background in many other art styles than just Lion King fan-art; her fans include those who have discovered her work here as well as those who have been following her on DeviantArt and elsewhere, watching her pull together a vast store of latent skills and hone them further with each passing day. Her eclectic background allows her to bring a unique and enigmatic approach to the world of Lion King art, one that is seldom seen around here—and very welcome.

November 2009 Nadra

Stepping into the spotlight this month is Nadra, an artist from Finland who in her three years here at the site has produced an impressive gallery full of canon and directly canon-linked art, using a variety of digital techniques that with every picture become more complex and ambitious. Specializing in multi-character scenes portraying often complex interactions, the viewer gets the feeling that we've only seen the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Nadra's art. She says as much herself:

October 2009 BooYeh

This month's Featured Artist is BooYeh, an accomplished wielder of the tablet who in just over a year has made herself one of the best known names in all the disparate sections of the Archive. Her vibrant colors and expressive character designs provide a visual window into her mind, as she draws whether happy, sad, excited, bored, creative, or even uninspired. The result is a body of work that puts on display a complete and ongoing self-portrait, something not many artists can truly claim.

September 2009 Firestar

This month the honor goes to Firestar, an artist who's got a definite flair for canon creations that capture that sense of life and solidity that's such an unmistakable hallmark of real Disney animation art. Her fully-colored, crisply rendered tableaux of Lion King scenes and characters skew more toward the authentic than the fan-created, and it can even be a little jarring how much it reveals those standards have diverged.

August 2009 Tamb

Winning the Artist of the Month spotlight by a veritable landslide is Tamb, a relative newcomer to the site who as been with us for less than a year. It's no mystery what has earned her so much support: with an insatiable appetite for drawing and a natural affinity for canon-centric settings, her art has an undeniable appeal that continues to grow.

July 2009 Drago

Our Featured Artist this month is someone who has packed more artistic accomplishment into her life than many artists twice her age: Drago, with nearly a thousand pictures in her gallery, really is wise beyond her years when it comes to how excellence in artistic endeavors is achieved. Her insights on these matters are timely as well as to the point. We'll leave it to her to explain...

June 2009 Toraz

This month we recognize an artist who has been a fixture of the TLKFAA community for nearly four years. Toraz has produced copious amounts of art in her time here, showing immense progress in the past couple of years in particular, to the point where her name is right on the tip of the tongue when anyone asks who makes some of the best, most appealing Lion King fan-art around.

May 2009 Li-Li (Amb21)

This month's Featured Artist is someone whose journey from obscurity to Archive-wide recognition has taken just a year. Li-Li (Amb21) began with a store of raw, unshaped talent, and has persevered since then with a relentless drive toward excellence. The result, as can be seen in these featured pictures (or in any of the rest of her gallery), can only be described as a triumph—and an inspiration to anyone else just starting out where she was a year ago.

April 2009 DJ88

To say that this month's Featured Artist has had her turn coming would be understating things just a tad. One of the handful of highly visible and recognizable "rocker" artists, DJ88 has spent her time here at the TLKFAA producing edgy, often disturbing (and just as often disturbingly good) art that keeps a toehold in the TLK world while reaching out into fantasy, the "rocker" lifestyle, and realism—for examples, see the thumbnails to the left—as well as an equally vibrant body of work in canon TLK-style art, as you'll see by scrolling a little further down on the right.

March 2009 Redbuzzard

This month's Featured Artist is one of those people you just know is bound to get the spotlight one day or another—it's just a matter of time. With a far-reaching imagination and boundless ambition, Redbuzzard shows a mastery of art as a discipline, not just a hobby or a pastime, and we can feel proud and privileged to see a prolific and successful artistic career get part of its start with Lion King fan-art.

February 2009 Koraden

This month we feature an artist whose spotlight here in this space was only a matter of time. Koraden, who has been with the Archive for three years and now contributes her creative work from college, has built up a large collection of pictures—nearly a thousand—with a heavy focus on canon subject matter and style. She's one of the most recognized names at the TLKFAA, and this month it's time to showcase the results of her hard work!

January 2009 lauralu

This month's spotlight goes to lauralu, an artist whose path to the Lion King fandom has been perhaps a little different from the one most other artists took. Whereas the past decade and more have seen a lot of artists who grew up watching the movie as children and were initially inspired to become artists through the movie itself (and other Disney features from the same era), lauralu comes to us from an already-distinguished career at DeviantArt, where she explores many of the myriad complexities of art and creativity as a remarkable part of the human experience. Her curiosity brought her to the world of Lion King fan-art, and through that lens we get a renewed sense for how powerful a force and a genre unto itself TLK has become in the years since its release.

December 2008 Vekke

With a gallery whose contents stretch back to 2002 and earlier, Vekke is one of the artists who's been with the Archive longer than almost anyone. That much time spent working within an artistic discipline like Lion King fan-art inevitably results in a great deal of experimentation and change, both of which are to be found in abundance in this Featured Artist's gallery.

November 2008 AnnieHyena

We've got a little something different this month: two artists to honor. And for very different reasons, as anyone who has seen either one's art can testify.

First we turn our attention to an artist who has earned her recognition through well over 3,000 pictures uploaded in the last three years—a truly staggering number. But volume alone is hardly the reason that AnnieHyena deserves recognition. It's also that those three thousand pictures are some really top-quality work.

October 2008 Thrasher

The artist whom the members of the TLKFAA chose to honor this month is not without her share of controversy. With an affinity toward disturbing subject matter and shock-rock imagery, Thrasher is one of the Archive's most polarizing figures; but she's got a following of devoted fans who share an appreciation for the rebellious attitude that bursts out in every picture she creates.

Note: Much of the material in Thrasher's gallery is potentially disturbing to some viewers; please peruse it at your own risk.

September 2008 Emo-Hellion

Many of the artists here at the TLKFAA choose a unique, experimental, or highly personal style to express their creativity in the world of The Lion King. Others commit their creative energy toward capturing the visual look and character of the original movie as closely as possible. Among the latter group, few have been as successful as Emo-Hellion, this month's honoree, who has brought together impressive drafting and Photohop skills to present a Disney-based art style with an unmistakable flair all her own.

August 2008 kati-kopa

With an irresistible and appealing "cute" style and a penchant for canon-focused art, kati-kopa has drawn a lot of attention to herself in the past year of her membership here at the TLKFAA—and her numerous fans have voted to give her the recognition she deserves and the honor of our monthly spotlight.

July 2008 KovuLKD

We've got something a little bit different this month: an artist whose main claim to fame isn't just his artwork (though that itself is impressive, to be sure)—but an entire piece of software that he's written to allow himself and other artists to create 3D animated scenes starring their own characters.

The link to KovuLKD's already-quite-famous program (or "game", as most refer to it, though it's surely more than that) is here.

June 2008 Kasei

Kasei is one of those artists whose work you just need to take one quick look at to realize that The Lion King is only one small part of the artistic landscape to which she will be successfully turning her attention in the many years to come. Her work is bold, ambitious, precise, and unbound by formula; each picture is an experiment in technique and concept seeking to push the boundaries of her skill. It's all the more fortunate, then, that Kasei devotes so much of her attention to this corner of the artistic universe for us in the fandom to enjoy.

May 2008 Lil Cheetah

Anyone who has spent any time browsing through the line-art at the Coloring Cave will recognize the name of Lil Cheetah, this month's Featured Artist, whose friendly and engaging artistic flair has made her coloring pictures some of the most popular on the site. But that's only the beginning of her talents and contributions to the Lion King fan-art community.

April 2008 DJ Coulz

DJ Coulz is as much a "fixture" of the Archive as any artist can be. With her vivacious personality, her unique "rocker" flair, and her high profile as an energetic contributor and commenter on others' art, hers is one of a few names that has become almost synonymous with the TLKFAA community over the last several years. However, it is perhaps her focus on canon art that has really sets her apart; she's found a balance between her own edgy style and the canon universe that keeps her fulfilled and her fans hungry for more.

March 2008 Kari

This month's Featured Artist, Kari, has won the honor with only 58 pictures—a tiny number compared to the prodigious output of some other artists, but certainly no less artistically significant. This is because each of Kari's pictures is a fully rendered, lusciously realized piece of digital art with shading, a background, and a well-thought-out character portrait pose that indicates that a lot of effort and care has gone into each piece.

February 2008 Valar Morghulis

Like a single-origin dark chocolate next to one made from a blend of various flavors, a particular animator's character design and art style can sometimes speak to an artistically-inclined fan more loudly and clearly than even the rest of the animators on staff at a certain studio. In The Lion King, as with most Disney movies of the era, each character was designed and animated by a supervising or lead animator who worked independently from the rest of the artists, each following his and her own muse and vision. Timon's designer and animator, Mike Surrey (who also animated Clopin in Hunchback), has served as an especially effective inspiration for this month's Featured Artist, Valar Morghulis, who specializes in outstandingly accurate and on-model renditions of Timon, as well as new imaginings of him with naturalistic realism every bit as appealing as his Disney design.

January 2008 Galactacian

A strong proponent of canon (on-topic) artwork on the TLKFAA, this month's Featured Artist—Galactacian—exemplifies the reasons why keeping to the site's theme is not just an arbitrary rule imposed through stubbornness: it's also a way to encourage all the artists here to dig deeply into their creative wells in order to discover more paydirt still deeper down into the canon world of The Lion King.

December 2007 Paso

The TLKFAA would not be what it is today without Paso, whose patently unique approach to Lion King fan-art has provided one of the guiding lights for many, many other budding artists who call this place home. Dark, gritty, disturbing, and yet hauntingly beautiful, Paso's art elevates this whole site.

November 2007 BlueJay

BlueJay is one of the more distinctive artists on the Archive, with a unique yet engaging angular style executed vibrantly on the tablet. With more than 600 pictures uploaded in just about two years with the site, her progress from beginner to Artist of the Month has been steady and unstoppable.

October 2007 Edward_Elric

One of the Archive's most prolific artists, Edward_Elric demonstrates a mastery of a variety of digital styles, from sharp-pixel Paint drawings to smooth and fluid tablet-style art. Among her more than 1600 uploaded pictures are huge numbers of original character designs for herself and her friends, an ongoing effort through which she's developed both an impressive portfolio of work and a community nexus all her own.

September 2007 Choii

The Lion King Fan-Art Archive is fortunate to host thousands of artists with vastly different artistic styles, ranging from the super-cartoony to the super-realistic, with Disney-like blends of the two extremes occupying the continuum in between. Yet there's a certain look, a visual style that could be said to be the trademark look of the TLKFAA: a smooth, polished, computer-colored stylistic vocabulary that starts with the Disney TLK style and kicks up the realism a few notches. Many artists have mastered variations on this look; but this month's Featured Artist, Choii, is one of the very best at it, executing it with effortless skill and imbuing it with that all-important uniqueness that every artist brings to the table.

August 2007 FireLemming

The world of The Lion King provides artists with a rich canvas on which to paint, a landscape whose boundaries are beyond the reach of sight. Many artists who work within that landscape do so only as a partial expression of their creative talents, carving out a niche somewhere in the TLK universe that encompasses their own unique visions, even if it shares little with the canon TLK world as envisioned by Disney. But only a few, like this month's Featured Artist, FireLemming, choose to throw themselves wholeheartedly into the canon world and explore its own ample, rich possibilities.

July 2007 Bug

Cartooning, in many ways, is a lost art. Distinct from "animation art" (which can mean such disparate things as Flash sprite movements, the facial expressions on Disney feature-film characters, and 3-D rendered lamps or ogres or rats), the ability to create a deliberately exaggerated, simplified, and supremely expressive drawing to immediately convey an idea or a mood is something few artists in the modern age can do. Yet Bug, this month's Featured Artist, has taken the world of The Lion King and, with the deft hand of the seasoned cartoonist, taken it in directions seldom—if ever—seen before.

June 2007 Omega

The members of the Archive spoke with an overwhelming voice this month to choose the Featured Artist: Omega, whose vibrant and powerful character designs bring a larger-than-life energy to the products of her vivid imagination.

May 2007 Boait

With a fluid, soft, almost ethereal technique and a unique stylized method for blending human characteristics with leonine features, Boait is an artist who has made the absolute most of her time here on the Archive and proved just how far you can go if you're willing to put in the effort. She's also got some interesting food for thought for her fellow artists:

April 2007 atsaki

When most artists develop their skills, it's usually a matter of learning the fundamental techniques and knowledge that lend to a well-rounded artistic background through which the artist can eventualy learn to express his or her own personality. With atsaki, it's a little different; she seems to have started out with all the personality in the world, and her development has been all about the maturing of her artistic discipline.

March 2007 maquenda

In less than a year, maquenda has risen to become one of the best-known and most active highly accomplished artists on the Archive. With a style rich in color and detail, yet with an understated quality that seems to indicate an inner depth, her work is really something special.

February 2007 Lucky

Whoever said that Lion King fan-art was a "limiting" genre never told Lucky, this month's Featured Artist. While some artists see only rules and boundaries imposed by the universe of only a single Disney movie, Lucky has broken through those borders and taken experimental, concept-art-style fan artwork to a level few have approached.

January 2007 Saigon

She might not consider her art worthy of being highlighted in this way, yet Saigon was the clear winner of this month's Featured Artist spot, with a bigger majority of the votes than I've seen in a long time. It's clear that this is no fluke, too; her work is exceptional, enough so to earn accolades far beyond what the mere half-year she's been here would seem to command.

December 2006 Anguloke

What can be said about this month's winner, Anguloke? That her oddball sense of humor is one of the most unique in the entire Archive, certainly. That it instills her artwork with a sense of goofy fun seldom, if ever, matched on this site. That her self-effacing approach to her work makes her approachable and popular. Oh, and also that her art is good... really good. Yes, that too.

November 2006 Iggy Pop

You've seen her work among the winners in the Archive-Wide Contest; you've seen her pictures popping up in everybody's Favorites list. But for some reason, Iggy Pop has never been Artist of the Month before. Surely it can't be because her art is lacking in any way; just a quick glance to the left and right will assure you otherwise. Maybe it's just that with only 67 pictures uploaded so far, she's just one of the Archive's undiscovered treasures.

October 2006 Jamani B

Jamani B is one of those artists who everyone always sort of assumes must have been feartured as the Artist of the Month already, because her work is just so good—but it turns out that she just keeps escaping voters' notice, for whatever reason. Well, now it's time to rectify that wrong. The artist herself has plenty to say:

September 2006 Dille

Dille hasn't been with the site long—just a few months—and she only has 63 pictures uploaded so far. But from the very first picture in her gallery, it was clear that she would be a force to be reckoned with. It was only a matter of time before her turn at Artist of the Month would come.

August 2006 Zoltan

This month we look at Zoltan, an artist from Hungary who has captured a sizable fan following after just a year on the Archive and a few dozen pictures. He's proof that you don't need a huge number of pictures to get recognition, if your art is good enough!

July 2006 Sami

This month we look at Sami, an accomplished artist in the grand animation-art tradition that inspires so many of the artists who are attracted to this site, and which has further driven many such artists to careers in the traditional animation industry. With the balance of innate skill and natural humor evident in her art, we can be sure that Sami is another budding animator whose career will be one to watch.

June 2006 Little-Bird

This month's Featured Artist comes to us though several other artistic traditions and fan communities, demonstrating that Lion King fan-art is an amply rich feast for creative possibilities and a welcoming destination for artists seeking to find their unique voices. Her past experience in other disciplines makes her Lion King art all the more special.

May 2006 KassyNaVerdis

We're off to a late start this month thanks to the unexpected downtime, but that doesn't mean this month's Featured Artist deserves any less than the usual amount of accolades. Indeed, KassyNaVerdis—an artist with admirable dedication both to artistic growth and to on-topic Lion King art—should get it all and then some.

April 2006 XaKo

Proving that Lion King fan-art is a discipline that draws from all kinds of genres, XaKo is an artist whose undercurrent of dark subject matter creates a backdrop that makes her more traditional fan-art all the more rich and pleasing to the eyes. With over 300 pictures created over two years, she has raised herself to the level of some of the most well-known and sought-after artists in the whole Archive.

March 2006 Monkey

It's all but impossible to look at Monkey's work without cracking a broad grin: it's funny, it's clever, it's visually pleasing, and it's even determinedly on-topic, delving into creative possibilities few have even explored in the Lion King universe.

February 2006 Dante

In the two years he's been with the Archive, Dante has built up a reputation not only as a very capable artist in an appealing Disney-esque style, but also one who thrives on the canon Lion King art that makes up the backbone of this site.

January 2006 Maz 1987

One of the Archive's most prolific contributors, Maz 1987 is also one of the best-known names on the site, and with good reason—her art is some of the finest you'll find around here. It was only a matter of time before she ended up the site's Featured Artist.

December 2005 King Simba

In just eighteen months, King Simba has posted a huge array of pictures—over 700 of them—and established herself as one of the best-known names among artists of the Lion King fan-art community. Even a cursory glance through her extensive gallery should make clear that it's well deserved.

November 2005 Kobb

With some artists, all you can do is stare at picture after picture in their galleries and wonder why they're not already working for Disney creating the next Lion King or another masterpiece of modern animation art. Kobb is one of these artists; with a breathtaking array of full-color comic series featuring canon characters, she's one of the most accomplished artists in contributing to the fandom and mythos that we've ever yet seen.

October 2005 not_quite_normal

There's nobody on the Archive quite like not_quite_normal. Every artist has their own signature style and can be recognized by an astute observer; but when it comes to a set of recurring characters in a unique style with signature accessories appearing in dozens of excellent Flash animations, not_quite_normal pretty much has the niche sewn up tight.

September 2005 Astrocat

How did this artist escape the spotlight for so long? Astrocat, this month's winner, is a member of an exclusive club—artists who have realized their dreams of becoming professional animators on their way to a career creating animated productions (hopefully) like The Lion King itself. A quick perusal of Astrocat's art is proof enough that she's got a bright future ahead of her.

August 2005 Katikut

Some artists are able to create images that whisk us directly back to the world that Disney created, with the same kinds of lush, rich backgrounds and the same living, detailed characters that inhabited the movies. Katikut, this month's winner of the Featured Artist recognition, is one of these artists with that elusive gift, whose every creation seems to have come straight out of the pens of the masters.

July 2005 Audrey Cosmo

When it comes to comic-style fun in the Lion King universe, just about nobody does it better than Audrey Cosmo. With a natural flair for expressiveness and body language that would make any professional animator proud, and a great sense of humor to go with it, she enjoys making us laugh just as much as we enjoy seeing her work—which is a lot.

June 2005 Fanta

This month's Featured Artist not only earns that recognition through artistic merit, but also embodies many of the most important traits for an artist to have in order to be successful in the long term: perseverance, patience, and the ability to learn with every new artistic endeavor.

May 2005 Mirri

The Archive's members this month cast a decisive vote for Mirri, who for the past three years has been developing an irresistible style that takes all the expressiveness of Disney art and extends it to new reaches of richly colored character portrait art.

April 2005 Tandi

One of the Archive's most spirited and enthusiastic members, Tandi—this month's Featured Artist—has made a name for herself with her exuberant and richly colored canon-based art... and also with her love of creation, whether of art or of the words she uses to describe her efforts over the past memorable year.

March 2005 Epona

She's been with the Archive for over four years, and in that time she's posted nearly five hundred pictures, steadily improving all the time. She's kept all her old stuff online so we can look back easily on her career here at the Archive, and from that alone it's easy to see why Epona is long overdue for recognition as a Featured Artist.

February 2005 Quill

Whether it's Lion King style character drawings, highly stylized cartoon caricatures, or vigorous and energetic studies from life, few artists at the Archive capture the essence of all that is feline the way Quill does. While many artists achieve success by becoming adept at emulating a particular artistic style, Quill has mastered a whole visual range and vocabulary all her own.

January 2005 Cat Hicks

Cat Hicks, this month's Featured Artist, is one of the most accomplished creators in the Lion King Fan-Art community, having successfully launched a career in professional art after building up a reputation for great work here on the Archive... and she has some honest and wise words for all the artists here.

December 2004 SimbaGirl

One of the most common names sighted in people's Art Trade pictures is that of SimbaGirl, an artist whose accomplishments at the Archive have rightly made her one of the best-known and most prolific members of our community. With her unique and bold style and her sense for meaningful art among the whimsical, she well deserves this month's title.

November 2004 kourukon

She's only been here a few short months; but in that time, kourukon, this months' Featured Artist, has attracted a huge number of fans through her crisp and energetic style that many find indistinguishable from the work of Disney's own professionals.

October 2004 xanahti

Perhaps one of the Archive's most "on-topic" artists, xanahti's claim to fame is a history of producing some of the best and most on-model canon Lion King character art we've seen. Her gallery continues to grow rapidly, and with it her cadre of fans.

September 2004 BluNikori

One of the most polished and spirited artists the Archive has ever seen, BluNikori has taken this month's trophy on the strength of her vibrantly colored character pieces with their feel of soft, energetic realism. Her extensive work has long merited this recognition.

August 2004 Daanzi

From unfinished online sketches to stunning computer-colored character portraits, Daanzi brings a lot to the table. Seeing her experience here on the Archive as a chance to educate herself as well as to dazzle others, she makes her art into an accomplishment from which we all can benefit.

July 2004 Tigon

Tigon has been with us for several years now, and she's made a name for herself as one of those artists who can be counted on to produce great-quality work, and yet to always be full of surprises, and as quick with a whimsical joke drawing as with a piece of genuine high art.

June 2004 Tima

Bursting on the scene relatively recently is Tima, this month's Featured Artist. She's been lurking in the shadows until just a month or so ago, gradually improving her skills and keeping her art to herself until releasing it all of a sudden like a bombshell.

May 2004 F.W.

The undeniably unique style of F.W.'s art stems from more than just the usual variety that distinguishes all the artists here at In this case, it's because F.W. is actually a pair of artists, working in tandem to bring out a collaborative spirit that results in more than the mere sum of their two parts.

April 2004 Kira617

One of the brightest rising stars of the Archive is Kira617, bringing with her a flair for unique, animation-style character design and a confident anatomical understanding that lend her artwork a consistent level of quality that's among the best we've seen.

March 2004 pegasuss

When you hear the name pegasuss, the first thing that leaps to mind is usually: Everything but lions. This is because she, more than any other artist on the Archive, has made it her mission to remind us all that there's more to The Lion King than just lions. There's a whole continent of critters out there, all of which are great subjects for art!

February 2004 Shayde

It doesn't get much better than the art of Shayde. This is an artist whose creativity, heart, and depth of perception are just as impressive as the skill level that her pictures exhibit; the result is a collection of art that's impossible not to admire.

January 2004 Protv Scar

Protv Scar is a Russian artist with a great and understandable affinity for Scar, who few would deny is one of the most photogenic of The Lion King's cast. This artist uses Scar as the centerpiece for her fan-art, though it extends with great success in many directions from there.

December 2003 Laturia

How can we have gone so long without giving this artist the recognition she deserves? A prolific member of the Archive since 1999, with a style recalling Disney's best talent, Laturia is one of this site's most esteemed contributors and best-loved members of the community.

November 2003 Nanook123

With an animator's style and a fan's imagination, Nanook123 creates characters as rich and real as though they'd jumped right off the screen. heavy stylization mixed with warm physical presence is a hallmark of her work-- one of many.

October 2003 Banzai

Banzai is truly one of the greats. There aren't many artists who are so dedicated to their work, so conscientiously committed to the pursuit of Lion King fan-art in its most refined and profound form, raising the hobby to the level of its own genuine discipline. It doesn't get a lot better than this.

September 2003 The Black Cat

Her art may not be brightly Photoshop-colored or digitally enhanced, but nobody can call that a detriment: The Black Cat's art, resembling high-grade comic panels or clip-art, has all the character and heart that a fan could want-- and then some.

August 2003 Rex

One of the most popular artists in the Archive is also one of the most humble: Rex, coming to us from Russia, heavily underestimates his own abilities. But the truth of the matter is that he is one of the most accomplished artists of the whole group, and his art is among many people's favorites.

July 2003 Nightshade

Nightshade is one of those artists who has the skill, dedication, and deeply ingrained sense of character humor to make it-- if she so chooses-- as a professional animator. A look through her richly populated gallery will convince any skeptics: this is an artist to be reckoned with, and a true asset to the Archive.

June 2003 Aquanite

An artist who's been with the Archive for over two years, Aquanite has been one of the most prominent and active members the site has seen, turning out dozens upon dozens of detailed, diversely imagined character portraits and mood pieces. There's nearly something new every day, and Aquanite's progress between her first postings and today is something to behold.

May 2003 Tailbrush

For Lion King fan-art that's every bit as rich and full of life as the original movie, including the movie's star characters as we know and love them, we can always count on Tailbrush to deliver solid, impressive work. Exploring new techniques and styles all the time in the pursuit of ever better art, she brings a warmth and a depth to the Archive that earns her this month's Artist of the Month vote.

April 2003 /Atan

/Atan is one of those artists who for all we know is a professional Disney animator by day, and an incognito fan-artist by night; her style, expressive and well-developed, is the sort of stuff that would make any well-paid animator proud. It's with great esteem that I present her work here as the voters' choice for April's Featured Artist.

March 2003 Kelt

There are some great mysteries in the world. Right up there with "Why is the sky blue?" and "If a tree falls in the forest and nobody's around, does it make a sound?" is "Why hasn't Kelt been Artist of the Month until now? Surely he's one of the Archive's most valued and celebrated members, and it's about time we have him the recognition he deserves.

February 2003 Tigrin

Not many artists can claim to have reached such high aspirations, while retaining such an unabashed love for art of all kinds, as Tigrin does. From the earliest character sketches in 2000 to today's richly colored, detailed work, it's been a fascinating journey for us to tag along on.

January 2003 Balaa

There's a richness and depth to Balaa's work-- a sense of story and character, frozen at a moment in time with a sort of snapshot camera that can capture a character's thoughts and emotions, that brings her work into the realm of the truly magical. If The Lion King ever had a hand in making an artist out of people like her and the other gifted artists who post their work here, it truly did change the world for the better.

November 2002 hibbary

This month's Featured Artist, hibbary, is on a roll lately. With over two hundred pictures posted, most of which are recent additions, her archive collection has grown by leaps and bounds. We can all count ourselves lucky for this-- because her art is some of the most visually pleasing, impressive material that can be found anywhere.

October 2002 Pinali

Pinali has been a prolific member of the Archive for a long time now, and the size of her gallery certainly shows it. Prowl through her many folders full of art and you'll find a vast variety of different visual styles, ranging from the cartoonish and the comic through the very realistic. Wherever along that spectrum her art falls, you can be sure it's very rewarding and a great find-- well worth tracking.

September 2002 Damalia

The art of Damalia is in a class all by itself. It's impossible to look through her archive without being irresistibly drawn in, beckoned by the supremely well detailed and realistic animal portraits that leave in the dust some of the best artists behind wildlife calendars, pop art, and even Disney. Just a glance into the deep blue eyes of the profile picture at right is enough to make fans of good art sit up and take notice. It's a pleasure to feature Damalia and her art this month at

August 2002 SpiritWolf77

Not many Lion King fan-artists are as accomplished and as prolific as SpiritWolf77. Hundreds of pictures, all of them representing a unique and admirable style-- whether they're character portraits or experimental conceptual work-- make up her extensive gallery. A trip through her body of work will certainly encompass many enjoyable hours.

July 2002 Kazamidori

If you're looking for an artist whose every last picture tells a story-- where Disneyish characterizations, Japanese detail and style, and a willingness to experiment in ways all her own come together to form something more rich and diverse than almost anything else in the pot, look no further than Kazamidori. There's so much variety in her work that you will leave it with your head spinning.

June 2002 Endless Night

If there's any one fan-created character that everybody has heard of it has to be the black-and-white lion created by Endless Night. The character has been around for so long, and the artist has been drawing him so well, that it's small wonder that the fan-art community would pick her for the Artist of the Month before too long.

May 2002 Serge Stiles

Two words spring to mind when trying to describe the art of Serge Stiles: "Prolific" and "Adventurous". She's one of the most frequent posters here at the Archive, and the things she does range so far across the map that it's nearly impossible to pick any good single example of what makes her work so unique.

March 2002 Tallon

When it comes to character portraits, few artists match Tallon. Her work ranges all over the artistic map, but her claim to fame, which few will argue, is the detailed and accurate character pictures that she tirelessly completes.

February 2002 AzianWolfDoll

For proof that a love for anime style mixed with the traditional sensibilities of Disney can work, we need look no further than AzianWolfDoll, whose art has been catching the eyes her fellow fan-artists more and more ever since she joined

January 2002 TaniDaReal

One of the most adventurous and versatile artists in the Archive is TaniDaReal. Her work encompasses sculpture, pencil sketches, digital art, Illustrator, and more-- and all of it shows a great amount of creativity and relish for the experience of creating art.

December 2001 ~ShyZhadow~

Continuing the recent trend of talented Lion King fan-artists dabbling in animation, ~ShyZhadow~ has a level of keen insight into emotion and body language that has made her entries very successful. And that's just the animated stuff!

November 2001 Domino

There's been a sudden awakening of interest in short pencil animations among the artists of, and Domino is one of those leading the charge. Her crisp animation-like style lends itself perfectly to these attempts, and the results are a real treat for the eyes.

October 2001 Sabrea

When it comes to Lion King fan-art that's pleasing to the eyes as well as the mind, you can't do much better than Sabrea's work. Her bright colors and smooth, animation-style coloring bring the same kind of appeal to her characters that we find in the original movie-- an easy familiarity that draws us into her world.

September 2001 Yazzi (Maryanne Delf)

Rich colors and vibrant textures, along with a wacky, irreverent sense of humor, are what define Yazzi (Maryanne Delf) and her artwork. Since she joined the Archive in 1999, her work has improved a great deal-- not just in her skill level, but in her willingness to experiment artistically, an effort that has paid off very well.

August 2001 Jamala

Jamala's gallery at isn't a large one, but that doesn't stand in the way of her being one of the Lion King fan-art community's favorite contributors. She's been here for over two years, and more and more visitors continue to discover her unique talents.

July 2001 That Kitty

Just a few days ago, That Kitty decided to clean out her entire gallery for a massive reorganization effort. When all her pictures disappeared, artists from all over reacted with alarm-- and understandably so, because That Kitty is one of those artists whose work greatly brightens up the whole Archive, and we'd all hate to see it go. Fortunately, she has since filled her gallery back to brimming with art, and we can all breathe easy again.

June 2001 Dolphy (Dolphiana)

Dolphy (Dolphiana) has rapidly grown in popularity in recent months. An artist from Germany, her unique mix of Lion King and dolphin art brings a great deal of color to the Archive and to those who visit her gallery.

May 2001 Azanti

Far and away the most prolific contributor to, Azanti has a collection of nearly 700 pictures in the Archive-- and that's since a complete start-over from scratch at the beginning of 2001! Azanti shows a tremendous zeal for creating art, and the speed at which she produces it reflects this enthusiasm quite clearly.

April 2001 Antheos

It's hardly necessary to introduce Antheos. Quite possibly the most unique style at, she has been here a long time and produced some of the most visually stunning artwork available anywhere.

March 2001 J.C.

J.C. has only been a part of for a short time, but already he has displayed considerable talent and a willingness to draw the featured movie characters even more than his own or friends' characters, a trait that is not often found among our fan-artists.

Joining the Archive only two months ago, J.C. only has a comparatively small art collection so far; but it is all worthy of attention, showing great versatility and a passion for the subject matter.

February 2001 Akril

A long-time mainstay of, Akril is both one of the most prolific contributors (with well over 200 pictures to her name) and one of the most creative and fun artists for fans to follow. Her characters exude a goofy sense of humor which can get a laugh as easily as they can portray a personality. It is small wonder that so many visitors to enjoy her art enough to make her this month's Featured Artist.

December 2000 Snowy

One of the longest-running artists at, Snowy is one of the highest-rated and most popular. And with good reason-- her work is fun-loving and full of character, and she creates a world with her art that steps straight out of the screen into the mind of the viewer.

November 2000 Evana

One of the newest artists at is also one of the most remarkable. Evana, a 15-year-old budding animator from Iceland, has a sense of style, color, and character design that make her work a rare treat for the eyes.

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