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Contest ends July 1, 2019, 4 a.m. (37 days left)
Let's pay artistic homage to the visual spectacle of the film that started it all!

TLK is full of great still-frames and scenes, iconic images that embody character moments or dramatic establishing shots. And one of the most fun things about fan-art is seeing each individual artist apply their skills and their unique styles to those scenes, bringing a fresh twist on a visual we've all seen a thousand times before.

Some ideas:

- One of the animals during the opening "Circle of Life" introduction scenes

- The establishing shot of Pride Rock

- The presentation of Simba

- Scar planting the seeds of curiosity in Simba

- Simba and Mufasa following the stampede

- Crossing the log during "Hakuna Matata"

- Simba roaring in the rain at the end
Ended 00:00 Wed 4/10/2019
No lions I hear you say!
My theme is what if the Lion King wasn't lions?? What if it was wolves or mice??
For example...The Wolf King or The Mouse King! You get my drift ^_^ There are plenty of animals you could use for this ^_^ Looking forward to seeing the entries!
Ended 00:00 Tue 3/12/2019
February is considered the month of love, so it seems only fitting that we share some of this love with our favorite underrated/background characters! Perhaps you feel Zazu or Ono needs more love, or maybe you're a fan of some of the other Pridelanders like that annoying zebra from The Lion Guard! Whichever character you choose, it's time to show them some love!
Ended 00:00 Mon 1/28/2019
There were a lot of stylistic differences between TLK movie and the broadway play. Character design, songs, scenes, etc. What would our favorite movie characters look like if the movie had been more like the play?
Ended 00:00 Sat 1/5/2019
As of The Lion Guard, the Pridelanders celebrate Christmas. This holiday might be an odd human custom in the canon universe, but what if Christmas was a millenia-old leonine tradition? How would the denizens of the savannah celebrate? How did the celebration began?
Ended 00:00 Fri 11/23/2018
For this contest, ask yourself, what would the Outlanders look like if they lived in the Pridelands?
Vise Versa, what would the Pridelanders look like if they lived in the Outlands?

Another idea is that they still look the same as they do in the movies, but how would they act if forced to live in each other's places?
Ended 00:00 Sun 10/7/2018
The title explains it all. The theme of this contest is to redraw a scene of a Lion King screenshot in your own unique art style.

It can be anything! A screenshot of the original movie, it's sequel, it's third sequel and it's spin-off shows (Timon & Pumbaa, The Lion Guard).

This is also your chance to redesign the characters the way you want it if their official design bothers you (Ex: Take a screenshot of Fuli from an episode or movie of The Lion Guard and redesign her to make her look like a more realistic king cheetah instead of the skinny lemon leopard she is).

Just put the original picture with your remastered wonder togheter in order to compare them and determinate their differences.

Have fun! :D
Ended 00:00 Thu 9/13/2018
We've all seen swapped versions of lion king and lion king 2 characters.

Vitani and his two sisters being trained by their crazy father Zira. The lion queen Mufasa being killed by her younger sister Scar.
Prince Kiara and Princess Kovu.

But what I haven't seen much of this with, is the lion guard.

What would a girl version of Kion, Bunga, Beshte and Ono look like. A boy version of Fuli?

What would Janja and Jasiri's separate clans look like swapped? The crocodiles? Makini? Zuri and Tiifu? I can just imagine a boy version of Zuri forever grooming his mane to make it perfect!

But what can you imagine? :D
Ended 00:00 Mon 8/27/2018
Alright! So I don't remember the last time I drew ANY art without a song going in the background and I'm assuming I'm not the only one!

Do you ever listen to a song and it makes you think of Zira and Scar, or Simba? Whether it's a fun song, angsty, cute for pairings or whatever. TLK has its fair share of musical numbers so lets share our own favorite songs and see what art we can inspire with it!
Ended 00:00 Fri 8/3/2018
I love cute/chibi things, so that’s what the theme of this contest will be-try drawing your favorite TLK characters as cute as you possibly can ^_^ Maybe even try doing a scene from TLK all cutesy-fied! Will it still feel just as intense? What would Scar look like cute? Would he still look evil? Feel free to come up with whatever you like! <3
Ended 00:00 Thu 7/12/2018
The theme of this contest as you may have read in the title is to mimic an art style while drawing your beloved Lion King characters!

But not just any different art style. The art style of someone in the Archive!

Take these pictures by Tima for example:

You can pick any artist on this website and mimic their art style! But it probably will be easier to pick artists that are still active, unless you want a big challenge and search through the Archive for the answer!

This is gonna be fun! Here we go! :D
Ended 00:00 Fri 5/25/2018
I've posted a contest like this once before and people really seemed to like it so how about a round two?

Somehow your character gets transported to the world of TLK. How does the cast react? Are they welcoming or shunning? Is your character seen as a detriment or an asset? What skills do they have to offer the Prideland royal family? Or would they fit in better with the Outlanders? Will they have rivals? Crushes? An arch enemy? Will they impact the ending of the story or change its course completely?

Let shake up the canon!
Ended 00:00 Thu 5/3/2018
Aaah, Internet memes... Don't we love 'em? When something is interesting, it becomes popular and spreads through the screens of our technology.

I talk about hilarious pictures with some large, witty words on it, rage comics, viral videos and EVERYTHING ELSE!

The theme of this contest is, put the memes in The Lion King!

Examples: Draw Rafiki showing da wae, A raging Scar and a troll face Simba, etc.

Let your imagination flow, with a reference to a meme!
Ended 00:00 Sat 3/31/2018
As many of you have probably noticed, there is only one canon-attested character in the Characters section who doesn't have a single "canon" picture in any official source: Uru, the mother of Mufasa and Scar.

According to The Lion King: Six New Adventures, Uru is responsible for finding a lake of fresh water at the western edge of the Pride Lands, saving many animals from thirst. She is "quite something", as Kopa puts it.

But what does she look like? What are her colors? What's her build like? Does she look like Mufasa, or Scar, or some combination of them? We have no idea, and the "Characters" section only has a placeholder image for her. So rather than arbitrarily picking one of the existing Uru pictures that's already been designed by one of our artists, I suggest we put it to a contest!
Ended 00:00 Sat 1/6/2018
It be the time where you get present, spend time with your family and friends and eat chocolate, even if you're a cat and that cats can't taste sweet things.
Scientifically proved.

So the theme of this Archive-Wide contest is already obvious!

Draw Lion King related Christmas pictures. Draw snow in Africa or simply draw the great royal MufaSanta Claws! Or something more of your creativity!

I'd also love to see a full picture with many Canon characters and a magnificent Christmas decorated background!

But draw what you can!

Have fun participating and Merry Christmas!
Ended 00:00 Thu 12/14/2017
This contest focuses on the characters that we don't see in the movies or tv shows! This includes Kopa. There's no limit to what you can draw, as long as the focus is on a comic or book character! For example, does Tojo still hang out with his birds when he's grown? What does Malka's pride look like? Where does Ni come from, and why is he alone? You can even include characters who are mentioned, but never seen, like Afua. What does he look like? Crack open those old TLK comics and get to work!!
Ended 00:00 Wed 12/6/2017
I know, I know. We've already had a few contests headed in this direction but thanks to the "Lion Guard" TV series we're in constant supply of young and innocent characters, whose future is yet to be designed. By you!
Imagine Fuli or Beshte for example. What would they be like as grown ups? How would they manage being part of both a family and the lion guard? Will Bunga ever grow up at all? What about the other characters in the show like Makini or Jasiri for example?
Where will Janja and his gang go (since its said in SP that the hyenas left the outlands)?
How will Kion react when he finds out that his sister became mate of the outlander Kovu? Where is he during the events of SP?
I hope, I've given you some ideas. ;) Just be creative and have fun!
Ended 00:00 Mon 11/20/2017
Ah yes, The Lion King. The movie where it mainly focus the most majestic hair-styled felines in Africa in five letters, adding the ''S'' as a plural.

As main creatures of the movie, they get all the attention from everyone and are loved by everyone. It even led some fans to create their own unofficial Lion King characters. Lion FCs (''FC'' stands for FAN CHARACTER, because originality does not have it's place when the character is from an already existing fanbase). And there's also other kinds of feline TLK FCs, like leopards, cheetahs, servals, caracals...

BUT! Butbutbutbuttbutbuuuuuut... there are other creatures in the continent of Africa that PROBABLY would need some attention too! Like warthogs, baboons, meerkats, hornbills, hyenas... E-TSE-DERA! And has you've read, I included NO felines in these African creatures mention.

So, basically, the challenge is to draw a character in the movie that isn't a lion or even a feline, or make up your own non-lion-non-cat FC! Take my TLK furso-- ahem I mean, FEATHERsona Msanii as an example! It will be a good opportunity to try something different than felines! :D

Have fun!
Ended 00:00 Fri 11/3/2017
Halloween is near! And as nearly every year we'll have ourselves a little Halloween-themed contest.
But this time - because I'm a evil little thing - I want you to combine the horrors of Halloween with the sweet, pink waves of love.
Everthing is possible! Scar singing "Be prepared" while Zira throwing flowers after him with an admiring smile? Of course!
Zombie-Simba taking his lovely corpse bride Nala out for a date? Sure!
A creepy sweet hyena wedding between the skeletons of the elephant graveyard? You bet on it!
Just be creative and have fun! :)
Ended 00:00 Sat 10/14/2017
Now that we seem to have a viable replacement for Sketcher in the form of Drawpile, perhaps it's time we see what people can create with it!

Post your best creations using the new app—details are in the current Admin Announcement. Post as many entries as you like! There's no theme or concept other than that entries should be done in Drawpile; you might want to try some Fall-themed ideas, or even Halloween, though I think we might want to start a new contest for Halloween once this one is over.

Have fun! I hope Drawpile proves as enjoyable to use as Sketcher has always been!
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