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Ended 02:59 Mon 10/20/2014
The theme of this contest is Pumbaa, as you might be able to tell from the title :P Pumbaa is one of my all-time favorite TLK characters, if not my fave. I think he needs more love, so why not have a contest about him? :') As far as I know there hasn't been one yet :P

Anyway, the main idea of the contest is explore Pumbaa's personality, and of course, his past that we never got to see in the movie(Come on guys, there don't seem to be many theories about Pumbaa's past, and yet it's something I've always wanted to see!). What was Pumbaa's family like? Would he have had a mother similar to Ma from TLK 3? What would his dad have been like? Did he have any siblings? Where did he live? You don't even have to draw something involving his past, though! You can draw anything! just have fun and make sure your entry is centered around Pumbaa and has an interesting back-story ;3
Ended 02:59 Sun 2/1/2015
Wow, thanks for the votes guys! I wasn't expecting that many :o

Now onto the theme(Which is boring and crappy T_T I hope it's on-topic enough): So, we all enjoy seeing a bit of good pixel art around here, or even trying to draw some ourselves.

So for this contest you must do only pixel art. You can use programs like MS paint to do this.
Ended 00:00 Fri 8/3/2018
I love cute/chibi things, so that’s what the theme of this contest will be-try drawing your favorite TLK characters as cute as you possibly can ^_^ Maybe even try doing a scene from TLK all cutesy-fied! Will it still feel just as intense? What would Scar look like cute? Would he still look evil? Feel free to come up with whatever you like! <3
Ended 23:59 Thu 6/4/2015
Imagine that Kovu is part of a boy-band. Or Mufasa is one of the greatest solo-artists of TLK's time. Can you picture it?
In this contest we will be Putting either one or more of the characters into a band or artist's shoes.
Dress them up the way that band member would! Give them an expression that a band gives as a "profile" picture. Place a guitar in Kiara's paws and see if she picks up on it. Give Scar a banjo and see how Be Prepared turns out!
Be creative!
Ended 02:59 Sun 4/20/2008
The infamous day of rampant joking is coming up pretty soon, so what do our fellow TLK characters have in store for each other? In the spirit of April Fool's Day (and the upcoming month), shed some light on TLK's humorous side and create hilarious scenarios for our lovable characters!
Ended 02:59 Mon 8/22/2005
The Lion King movies tell us stories -- stories that make us laugh, cry, smile, and even gape with wonder. But sometimes we like to add stories of our own to the TLK saga: stories about Mufasa and Scar's childhood, stories from minor characters' perspectives, and, of course, stories about Kiara and Kovu's offspring.

There are many stories created by fans (more commonly known as "fan fiction") on the Internet, some long, some short; some old, some new. The goal for this contest is to illustrate a scene, a character, or an event from a TLK fanfic. It can be one of your own stories or a story written by somebody else. Have fun!
Ended 02:59 Wed 1/19/2011
It's another New Year. 2010 has passed, and its time to bring on 2011!

This makes me think... What would our favorite canon characters do to celebrate the New Year?

Perhaps there are some traditions in Native Cultures they might, in tune, follow as a result of geographical location?

Maybe they would celebrate like us, or, in their own unique, animalistic way?

Furthermore, if you wanted to touch on a more serious adaptation, what types of resolutions would these characters have?

The New Year offers a chance for everyone to change. And how might they feel about the new year that they are facing? What might they do to change?

Might Scar be questioning his methods of Ruling? Maybe Simba is looking back on his past from the jungle or maybe... The less drawn characters like Timon or Zazu might be feeling unknown emotions, or mixed feelings that might make them want to change things?

Up to you really! Take this how you want! Have fun and HAPPY 2010!

Ended 01:59 Sat 11/8/2008
It's time to take a look back, before the beginning.
Think about the generations of pridelanders who lived and died before Mufasa took the throne. What did the great kings of the past look like? What about their loyal subjects? Who was the first lion to ever ascend pride rock and lay claim to everything the light touches?
Ended 02:59 Mon 9/17/2012
The lack of commenting on this website as of recently is discouraging, I think we all need to talk more! So this Contest is about starting conversations and exploring the strengths and weaknesses of our work.
Enter a picture that you feel is your best work, it can be a new or old pic, just whichever one you feel the most proud of. Then, give 5 reasons why this pic is your best. Is it the use of light and shadow? The color combination? The proportions? Or the meaning of the piece?
after giving the 5 reasons why it's great, you have to dive a little deeper and give 5 ways that the piece could be improved upon. What things bother you about the piece? Is the background not as detailed as you wanted? Is there a little something off in the proportion of the characters? Do the colors all seem to fade together?
After that, tell us about 5 artists that inspire you! Could be famous artists, could be a fellow LKFAA artist! Who do you feel inspires you to keep drawing? To improve? Who's art makes you feel happy?
Vote for the submission that is best critiqued! Not just the best pic! And also comment! Do you agree with what the artist says about their pic? Disagree? Do you have some advice?
This is an opportunity to really share some ideas and give inspiration to your fellow artists
Ended 02:59 Mon 10/3/2011
(OMG i still can't believe i won, TY!! <333)

Water is such an amazing thing. it bends and flows with the shape of the earth and even the creatures that disrupt its surface. it adapts to the enviroment to make the best of any situation. water reflects our own being and duplicates the lights of the sky to create a brighter world. but water also is soooo much more flexible than just a simple river or lake or waterfall.

Your job: play with water! Maybe have Zazu surfin' that tree stump he was on while Simba was singing or Rafiki messing with the water from the pond simba saw mufasa in. Or think outside the box, idk a character turning into water? The possibilities are endless!!
Ended 23:59 Wed 4/13/2016
Amber: "Mom! Look! A moon Halo! I've been wanting to show it to you forever! Their is a light ring around the moon! See it!?"
Angel (Mom): "Wow! That's really is amazing! You know what it means?"
Amber: "Someone's watching over us?"
Angel (Mom): "Yes. But also so much more. Faith, guidance and hope for the future."
Amber: "Mom? I love you Big BIG trees."
Angel (Mom): "I love you Biggest BIG trees ever."
Mothers are amazing people. They share every moment of our lives from the day we are born to the days we just want them to leave us alone and all the way til their last breath.

We can share with them our biggest secrets and greatest faults and they love us all the more. They drive us all around to school, friend's houses, stores, and work like our personal shofers. When we are in trouble even the meekest of Mom's turn into a roaring lion! And Woe to the ones who cause us trouble! Moms always Shelter us beneath their wings.

Dedicate some art to mothers! Maybe Sarabi was as mischievous as Simba as a cub, Maybe Sarafina was a cranky morning lioness, perhaps Zira actually had some tender moments, or Uru was actually a hardcore or lazy Mom.
What about your own Moms? Ever have a wonderful moment with her or she do anything to drive you insane? Maybe you wish you knew your Mom or that she was still with you...OR HEY, Run up to her RIGHT NOW and say "Hey! Mom! We are doing a collab! Lets TOTALLY kick the Archive's tails!!" While she looks baffled at you expecting her to draw something other than a stick figure. LOL. Come on. I'M CHALLENGING YOU!
Ended 02:59 Sat 5/9/2009
For this contest, your task is to draw a picture from a characters point of view, as if you were looking out the characters eyes!

So, think of how scary it would be for Simba hanging over the edge of PrideRock, looking at Scar!
Maybe, how big Simba looks if you're as small as Timon!
Or Nala, looking at Simba trying to think who he is!

Good luck!
Ended 02:59 Fri 12/11/2009
So, what would happen if The Lion King cast decided to make an account on The Lion King Fan-Art Archive?

Would Scar troll everyone? Would Simba win Artist of the Month within a week? Would Timon upload all the time, where as Pumbaa may hardly every draw anything!

Would they cause arguments because we keep "stealing their designs" Or would Nala be flattered that we draw her so beautifully?

Let your imagination go wild and have fun!!
Ended 03:59 Mon 3/29/2010
We all know what the Kings job in the Pridelands is, but we rarely see much of the Queens!
What are their Royal Duties?
How do they help their King?
Do they have any help from the King or anyone else?

However, for this contest, I'd like you to focus on the more unknown Queens, such as Kiara, Uru and maybe even Zira!

Have fun!
Ended 02:59 Thu 6/17/2010
So, for this months contest, I want you to re-draw a scene from the movie, but in a different style!! Don't use your own. Look for insperation from other artists (Not on TLKFAA) other movies and things like that!
So, what would the stampede scene look like in Dali style
How would Zira look in Louise Wains style?

How would the movie look of all the backgrounds looked like those in "I Just Can't Wait to be King!"?
Ended 01:59 Mon 11/15/2010
(Yay! Thanks for voting, guys! <3)


Have you ever looked at a Lion King character and thought "I could do better"? Well, this is your chance!

For this contest I want you to re-design the TLK characters!

Maybe you'd want to make Kiara less Orange?
Perhaps you think Scar should have more scars, to emphasise his name?
Maybe you'd like to give Kovu a better haircut?
It's up to you!!
Ended 02:59 Mon 1/3/2011
I was going to do another theme, but I'm very much into the Christmas spirit!

So, all you have to draw is The Lion King characters celebrating Christmas!

Will you do a typical African setting and make it a hot Christmas? Or will you add a little snow to make it that much more special?

Will Scar be his usual grumpy self? Or will he actually give Simba a present?
Ended 02:59 Sun 4/7/2013
Anyone who knows me will know I have far too many characters. I just love making them!

I want you to introduce a new character to the TLK universe.

They can be a traditional TLK style lion, maybe a new friend or enemy of the Pridelands?

Or how about a jazzy "sparkle" lion? What on Earth would Simba and co. think about that? Would they welcome them or hide inside Priderock until they went away?

Would they even be a lion? Perhaps a new hyena or meerkat character? Anything you like!!
Ended 02:59 Fri 11/1/2013
Your challenge this month is to draw a new scene for The Lion King! However, this scene MUST be based on a scene or even just a line from another movie.

Examples -
"No Scar, don't go where I can't follow" - Lord of the Rings
"There's a name for you ladies, but it isn't used in high society -- outside of a kennel" - The Women (1939)
"Have a little Priest" - Sweeney Todd

Ended 02:59 Fri 1/3/2014
Simba and the gang are having everyone over for a Christmas party! Woo!

It's your challenge to draw some friends hanging out with (one or more) Lion King characters!

Who will you invite?
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