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Coloring Cave

Feb. 19, 2007, 5:49 p.m.
old stuff for other ppl
something for the coloring cave. because i love you guys. you can use it as long as my name stays somewhere on the picture.
i'll be making a male one soon.

i haven't forgotten about the trades i'm suppose to be doing. :C
506 x 364
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Grayscale PNG
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17:50 Tue 2/20/2007
i think it looks cool spoted
21:04 Tue 2/20/2007
Used your great lines to do Dameon! xD
21:05 Tue 2/20/2007
I couldnt resist! The lines are too great! *thanks for saving as PNG by the way!!!* Dameons lover Morbid Dream in his "dream" state. His eyes go white and he is surronded by this crazy purple and black fog
10:22 Wed 2/21/2007
Wow! Love the muscle structure on this lioness!! A must color! XD
20:42 Thu 2/22/2007
I looked at Shackle's lines and said, "Sweet! It reminds me of my heartless self."
Because it's awsome, and Shackle's a brilliant artist, I colored it up. I've never colored a CC picture before. Much fun.
Great job, Shackle!
21:37 Sat 2/24/2007
Kamakari Malfoy
13:23 Sun 3/4/2007
fail loser
I never thought my old character was cool untill now :/
21:22 Sat 5/12/2007
My new female fursona, Danizye! I love her design muchies, but they may change =3
07:05 Sat 9/12/2009
Zira angrily paced around, waiting for scar to come home. Alas, he never did.
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