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Coloring Cave

Jan. 27, 2007, 10:54 a.m.
I'm uploading this as a PNG for the Coloring Cave. Nothin special :P
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Grayscale PNG
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15:16 Sun 1/28/2007
Oh, this is just too sweet... the male looks like he wants to say "Awww, Man..."
01:02 Tue 1/30/2007
Couldn't pass up coloring this one... so much so I may do it a few times. I took the time to color this as Kibi and Castor, the parents of my characters Mayah, Rotrer, and Filibuster
01:39 Tue 1/30/2007
Couldn't help but do another one with my characters in this one. this time of Pheonix and Orestes... in fact it fits more with these to than with Pheonix's grandparents on her mother's side.
01:47 Wed 2/28/2007
Hitsugaya Kiku
i just HAD to color it as Simba and Nala
01:50 Wed 2/28/2007
Hitsugaya Kiku
and now its Kovu and Kiara's turn!!! ^_^
19:56 Sun 12/2/2007
Tsukasa Kitty
My characters Ralph and Stacy as lion cubs :P
Ralph is actually a wolf human, and Stacy is really a cow human.
07:01 Wed 8/13/2008
sorry mine is not that good
12:37 Tue 11/24/2009
Zia is a Zebra-Lion, not a Tiger. I may do another one.
20:37 Sun 4/25/2010
Very cute! :D
Colored in GIMP. :P
21:19 Sat 1/8/2011
aww there first kiss!
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