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Jan. 4, 2007, 12:26 p.m.
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Line art a random cubpeeking out from behind an adult. It's going in that new coloring cave thing.
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13:29 Sat 1/6/2007
Samaki and his eldest daughter, Kibibi^^ Awesome lineart, Nexxis ;)
14:56 Sat 1/6/2007
I descided to colour it of Jem (Nora's Mother) and her father. Going way back in time in my story. :) Awesome line art Nexxis thanks for shareing.:)
13:49 Sun 1/7/2007
Rainbow Fountains
Asada and her cub Leona, this is beautiful line art Nexxis.
19:24 Tue 1/9/2007
Marie and Rocky, she is going to tell her father sumthin......but what??

cool i have never colored somone els's line art before, it was quite fun actually ^^ nice lineart Nexxis
18:39 Thu 1/11/2007
It was a line art of a random cub.. so I colored it as a random cub x) was to cute to resist coloring!
09:50 Thu 1/18/2007
Kuja And Shalafi in Nexxis lineart
17:52 Wed 6/6/2007
Wanted to do a sunset pic, but the cub convinced me otherwise. ;)
18:10 Wed 12/5/2007
11:49 Fri 10/12/2012
My OC Thanda, and her mother, Malkia. Background is meh...

Thankyou for the amazing lineart :)
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