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Coloring Cave

Dec. 4, 2006, 5:08 p.m.
(c) Gothic :)
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23:21 Thu 1/4/2007
Just a little joke ^_^ hope you like ^_^
16:48 Fri 1/5/2007
I wanted her somewhere other than in grass, in water, or on a rock/boulder. I got really creative and added earphones, a laptop, and strawberry Pocky: 3 things I enjoy very much together. :) Thanks for such a lovely picture!
22:42 Fri 1/5/2007
Arloest Furr
My character, Ataro, with your lineart :3 I must say she looks beautiful!
02:27 Wed 1/10/2007
I don't think pixely lines work with my colouring style. Oh well.
09:58 Thu 1/18/2007
Leontine in gothic180 lineart.
23:14 Thu 1/18/2007
I have no idea where she came from.... oh well XD By the way, she made those marks herself... I like the way she turned out!
15:42 Sun 4/29/2007
Wow. that took for ever... I hate school, but then again, doesnt everyone?
06:56 Sat 9/12/2009
"Father? Kalisfur? Why don't you love me?" Zira questioned. Kalisfur replied. From that day Zira was not the sweet little cub she used to be, but a Daemon, built on revenge.
20:56 Fri 12/3/2010
Wow this is the perfect lineart!
thank you for creating it. :)
This is my fursona Zahara, daughter of Zira. But don't worry shes not like her mother, she is actually really nice. <3

Lineart (c) Gothic :)
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