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Coloring Cave

July 5, 2006, 2:59 p.m.
Color the Line Art II
A misc. lion for your coloring pleasure; just don't try to claim him or use him in any fanfics, contests, etc. Also remember to follow my lineart rules.
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4 faves
01:12 Fri 1/5/2007
Hitsugaya Kiku
one of my fave males, Itachi. saw the lineart and couldnt resist.
13:40 Sun 1/7/2007
Nikita Moonlight
18:04 Sun 1/7/2007
omg i had fun with this one. its Kuro being holy. and its spossed to be like he was hyponotized, his eyes. but yeah i lvoe that one design for an icon :D should make more misc lions
15:46 Mon 1/8/2007
i luv this pic!!!
18:30 Mon 1/8/2007
Hitsugaya Kiku
had the urge to color it again... so heres King Kankuro ^__^
22:06 Mon 1/8/2007
Kamakari Malfoy
Kama's daddy with wings :D
18:50 Tue 1/9/2007
Zack Fair
I liked this lineart alot >w<

Coloured in ms paint >w<
16:45 Sun 1/14/2007
Mr. Shiny Mane wants to know what you're looking at him so funny for.
17:52 Mon 1/15/2007
um... yeeeaaahhh...
the name says it all
13:03 Thu 1/18/2007
13:03 Thu 1/18/2007
08:20 Sun 4/15/2007
hope you like. took me a lot of time to make.
08:52 Sun 5/20/2007
Lovely lineart... Felt the urge to colour. I'm new here, so go easy!
03:30 Sat 6/2/2007
21:59 Mon 8/6/2007
Hitsugaya Kiku
King Cougar, the guardian angel of the Alter pride
16:30 Sun 11/25/2007
such a cool drawing
00:54 Fri 5/23/2008
I saw this in the Colouring Cave and fell in love with the lineart.
Thanks sailorharmony2000 for putting it up here!
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