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Coloring Cave

Nov. 7, 2011, 2:30 a.m.
Z Art Rising
IDK i guess i'm in a mood to share my linearts so i made this lineart ms paint friendly so the lines aren't as clean as i would have liked but i hope you guys still enjoy coloring it :3
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12:35 Tue 11/8/2011
E. Maladi [Jedi]
What is Sasha Plotting? Better watch out Nathan! lolz, Line Art credit to AmberJF
19:46 Tue 11/8/2011
My char Ghostfur Looking smexy as usual!

Lineart by AmberJF Keep it coming i cant get enough! its so much fun to do your lineart
08:57 Wed 11/9/2011
E. Maladi [Jedi]
After fixing some coloring errors this is what I came up with XD sorry the line art is a bit messed up now, I had to do the toes by hand because Paint decided to stop co-operating
09:11 Wed 11/9/2011
E. Maladi [Jedi]
I'm sorry, I just love how paint friendly Amber's Line art is XD! Here's Smokes, one of Sarah's cubs.
12:11 Fri 11/11/2011
Kamakari Malfoy
20:24 Tue 11/22/2011
Cub Mufasa

Lines by AmberJF
20:08 Sat 11/26/2011
Keep Calm and Be Nala.
04:16 Fri 12/30/2011
17:33 Wed 7/11/2012
18:17 Sat 4/20/2013
Jack with his handsome ways.
The pumpkin thing is a towel where I have no idea where it came from.
10:53 Sun 4/21/2013
Been forever since I visited the Coloring Cave..and found a couple pics that were cute. This is my char Lainey :)
17:25 Thu 4/9/2015
17:26 Thu 4/9/2015
17:26 Thu 4/9/2015
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