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Coloring Cave

Aug. 22, 2011, 8:38 p.m.
Z Art Rising
For the coloring cave. I thought you guys would enjoy coloring this. :3 ms paint friendly. feel free to change whatever you like. these two could be siblings, friends, or even future mates. Enjoy! ^_^

ps: there is no annoying little white/blue dots that you'd have to zoom in to color, so don't worry! =^_^=
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07:23 Tue 8/23/2011
Simba and Mheetu :)
13:41 Thu 8/25/2011
Micka & Bubbles, loving siblings
00:04 Sun 8/28/2011
Sherbert and her son Jaraiya
11:47 Mon 8/29/2011
Kamakari Malfoy
I had to color it as these two...a bit of a what if where Draco met Kama when they were younger :D
10:56 Sun 11/6/2011
Its me as a baby and Ghostfur!!! We are pretty much going to have strong feelings later in life :p

This is great Lineart!!!
11:05 Sun 11/6/2011
i switched the charactors! :p
11:25 Sun 11/6/2011
This is my new charrie Blue and baby Marth!
14:16 Sat 11/12/2011
I changed it a bit...
Firstly, I changed the younger one to female. And they arent brother and sister, just really close friends, very similar to siblings. I hope you like it! (:
20:04 Sun 11/13/2011
LOL! My characters Chibi & her little brother Tavish De Groot ~ :3
16:56 Wed 12/28/2011
Nala and Mheetu
05:53 Fri 1/6/2012
Andora is not Haruli's sister.
11:00 Fri 2/3/2012
Big brother Sihle and baby sister Ntokozo.

Hope you don't mind that I made the smaller cub female..
22:52 Sun 2/12/2012
Skyla snow
My characrer Kuma snuggleing Amani...I don't really know how they know eachother but I think it's cute. Thanks Amber for letting other people color this, it's awesome!
16:31 Wed 2/22/2012
E. Maladi [Jedi]
Cubbie Sammi and cub Josh :3 yesh they is future mates, yes they are almost exactly alike in color here, but that's only because I was too lazy xD
22:45 Mon 5/14/2012
playfull and her blindingly light sister
16:37 Tue 6/26/2012
18:00 Wed 7/11/2012
21:26 Fri 1/4/2013
Just some random cubbies :)
21:50 Thu 2/6/2014
Kali and Kyra..both girls, but I thought they were cute!
17:40 Thu 4/9/2015
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