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Dec. 5, 2009, 1:01 a.m.
For You
Free-To-Use Lines! <3
Lets see here, we have a Tiger, Lion, Lynx, Cheetah, Cougar, and Leopard.

Go ahead n use em for Character Designs, Adoptables, or If you just feel like coloring in some lineart, here ya go ^^
[You can edit these in any way possible, but Always give credit]
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10:25 Sat 12/5/2009
cool line art,i'm keeping the cougar,and maybe the tiger the rest will be up for adoptions. all credit for SuperNova of course :3
16:13 Sun 12/6/2009
i am gonna put them all up for adoption XD love your line arts !!!
17:47 Sun 12/6/2009
:'D i couldnt resist!!
the tiger -to the tt.
lion- ive gotten attatched, but he prolly will to to the tt too.
lynx-HANDS OFF! hes mien >:]
cheetah- i wanted to give to someone as a christmas gift ^^
cougar- on the tt
and the leopard- he might be a gift too

they were REEEELY fun to color in ^^ ty!
16:31 Tue 12/8/2009
i changed my mind both sheets of cats will be going to the trading tree!
18:37 Tue 12/8/2009
I found this so cute I coloured it.
I'm gonna upload and put on T.T
13:57 Sat 12/12/2009
15:38 Sat 12/12/2009
came out with some awesome designs
08:59 Sun 12/13/2009
sorry again but it was so hard to resist T_T
I caved
anywho i'm keeping the cougar again :3
03:24 Wed 12/16/2009
is my leopard adoptables!!
05:14 Tue 12/29/2009
tiger- my new character Carson
Lion- Gavin
Lynx- random
Cheetah- Random
Cougar- I erased that one cuz i messed it all up i hope you don't mined Supernova
Leopard- My new character Jezz
09:48 Wed 1/6/2010
09:48 Wed 1/6/2010
20:43 Thu 1/28/2010
Amazing line art Nova!
Thank you a lot!! &#9829;
All are my new characters.

TIGER: F Hosdekaro Darkness
LION: F Miaren Light
LYNX: M Kotaru Water
CHEETAH: M Hashben Earth
COUGAR: M Zarkenbarus Fire
LEOPARD: F Ayhera Air
17:48 Sat 1/30/2010
My new Cougar character.

Still lovin' your line art. :P
17:50 Sat 1/30/2010
I made some adoptables.
They're on the TT.

You have first dibs SuperNova!
23:10 Sat 1/30/2010
Thank you Supernova for letting us use these! :D

A tiger character named Enzo.

Special Info--
His paws, nose and stripes change color with the Seasons. Example (Winter-Blues, Spring-Greens, Summer-Yellows, Fall-Oranges and reds)
17:34 Sun 3/28/2010
1st off, this is Supernova's line art, NOT MINE! XD

2nd, there are rules. here they are;

u must draw the adoptable that you want, and link it in your comment, and for a better chance of getting it, you can also tell it's background and name in your pic or comment ^^ i will choose who will get who, and becuz i enjoy making these adoptables SOOO much, i'll be making more ^^

Line Art(c) Supernova
20:29 Sat 10/9/2010
Lightning Strikes Twice
19:07 Sun 10/10/2010
Lightning Strikes Twice
19:07 Sun 10/10/2010
Lightning Strikes Twice
12:28 Sat 11/6/2010
ooooh love this line art supernova :D
12:29 Sat 11/6/2010
ooooh love this line art supernova :D
12:29 Sat 11/6/2010
ooooh love this line art supernova :D
15:30 Mon 11/8/2010

set of adopties
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