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Aug. 25, 2009, 7:37 a.m.
Out of Action
I made this Lavidra called Daytan, I love his design...the only problem is, I can't think of any colours to use for him :\

SO! I'm holding a contest.
Colour Daytan!
I'll be putting these lines on the CC because I don't wanna clog up FAA with pics of this guy XD so just go there to enter :)
I don't really have any specific colours that I'd like on there, just do whatever you think looks good.

PLEASE only use these for the contest, I will not tolerate other use ^^ thanks!!

1st- I will use the design, I will make you a new character (or a simple request if you don't want more chars) and do one request.
2nd- One request
3rd- A new character or a simple request :)

Have fun!
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07:56 Tue 8/25/2009
for AnnieHyenas's contest color dayton well hope you like ann
07:59 Tue 8/25/2009
I had fun designing him. Hope you like.
08:35 Tue 8/25/2009
Hope you like these colors, Annie ^^ It was fun to do.
09:37 Tue 8/25/2009
I did the colouring i thought that he looked wacky so i put odd colours on that'd jst look cool!!!
11:11 Tue 8/25/2009
for the contest! C:
I'm not really good with picking colors..but I hope you like it! <3
13:22 Tue 8/25/2009
Psycho Teddy
hope you like him AnnieHyena C:
15:22 Tue 8/25/2009
15:29 Tue 8/25/2009
For AnieHyena's contest. I hope you like him Annie. :D He was very fun to color!
16:28 Tue 8/25/2009
tried to make it as close to fjord horse colors as i could :D hope i win!
19:35 Tue 8/25/2009
Hope you like the colors! xD I do
22:43 Tue 8/25/2009
I noticed your characters don't have much purple... i went a little overboard XD
23:03 Tue 8/25/2009
I hope you like this guy <3
01:22 Wed 8/26/2009
and now for something completely different.... xD
03:35 Wed 8/26/2009
For AnnieHyena's contest to colour Daytan
15:05 Wed 8/26/2009
Celestiania Rhapsodos
Here's my entry for it! Hope you like it. I have this on DeviantART too, with full creds to you of course!
20:32 Wed 8/26/2009
I know you already have a rainbow Lavidra, but I thought it fit him <333 His stars are Purple, Blue, and Green and they glow ^^ And his has beautful baby blue eyes <3
22:31 Wed 8/26/2009
lol i have no chanceXD
00:23 Thu 8/27/2009
I doubt that I'll win but I had fun doing this ^^

Enjoy :D
13:57 Thu 8/27/2009
it was fun to colour him, hope u like it :)
14:42 Thu 8/27/2009
i actually did 3 designs but i chose this 1 out of all 3 so i hope u like it =D
19:41 Thu 8/27/2009
x3 coloring. Passes time awesomely.
08:23 Mon 8/31/2009
Hope you like it annie... and please dont eat me :D
13:05 Fri 9/4/2009
idk if more than one entry is allowed but I was thinking He could be Bee's brother or something?
13:49 Sat 9/5/2009
Wow! This was really fun! Wish me luck, hope you like the design!
22:01 Sat 9/12/2009
Hope you like annie! Hope this is what you were looking for!
08:31 Sun 9/13/2009
For AnnieHyena's contest. A mellower approach, hopefully tasteful. Hope it's used. c:
20:49 Mon 9/14/2009
14:51 Tue 10/13/2009
for Annehyenas contest i had a mad moment but the blues cool
12:52 Wed 10/28/2009
07:21 Wed 11/11/2009
23:53 Wed 11/25/2009
:d ITS so cool :D i hope i win ^^ im not really a fan of pink, but i have to admit this looks SO CUTE :D
13:57 Sat 12/12/2009
tehehe yellow black and orange best colours ever
21:53 Tue 2/9/2010
miss burlesque
I hope y ou like this ^_^ I used flat colors. I thought that they contrasted well with the sparkly tail> =]
08:47 Fri 2/19/2010
A bit rubbish, but I loved the lineart and thought I might as well have a go at colouring it!!! I hope it's ok :)
22:46 Sat 3/17/2018
I made a new OC her name is Lilacfang! I had fun coloring this! (but you can use it is the contest idc) Lineart by (c)AnnieHyena
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