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Coloring Cave

July 6, 2009, 1:21 p.m.
The Rudo-lineart I used for my previous picture.
For the Colouring Cave, yay!
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19:13 Mon 7/6/2009
Fupi about to make his move on Kyana
16:00 Tue 7/7/2009
Kamakari Malfoy
Colored it to look like my cutie Desert :D
19:58 Tue 7/7/2009
My character Sume after his parents were killed. He doesn't want to believe who killed them.

"Why did he do it..."
16:10 Tue 7/14/2009
My cahracter Vantear
12:08 Mon 7/20/2009
Lightning Night
my char Arceux =)
23:56 Sat 8/1/2009
Night Lion
My second attempt at shading
21:25 Fri 9/4/2009
Olivia Bobina
19:34 Mon 12/28/2009
My new char Damien, modeled after my old Briar horse XD
Thanks for the line-art, Kanu! <3
00:28 Fri 2/7/2014
This ones so cute! Farley
01:39 Wed 8/30/2017
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