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Coloring Cave

June 25, 2009, 6:43 a.m.
2009 ~ 2012
i hope this still counts as canon, there are Muffy and Taka there afterall XD
if not i'll be uploading another pic today.


if this picture reminds you of something, it's a remake of my old pic:

yeah i used to imagine Uru with teardrop marking on her forehead but the diamond got somehow more popular later :( whine whine bawww bawww

this is going straight to Coloring cave, do whatever you want with this pic.
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22:22 Mon 6/29/2009
God, this one took forever! But I like it.

Photoshop Elements 5.0
15:57 Tue 6/30/2009
sorry its so tiny!
04:56 Fri 7/10/2009
09:45 Fri 7/31/2009
paint ms paint.i made them pride landers but i mmade outlander one to.
09:48 Fri 7/31/2009
uru and ahadi colored with the cubs.
19:25 Wed 8/26/2009
yeah is a ahady uru mufasa y taka
17:11 Wed 10/28/2009
forgot to shade before I flattened it.
turned out decent anyhow, though.
20:39 Thu 11/19/2009
Purple CaT
My version of Ahadi and Uru.
Hope you like
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