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Nov. 15, 2008, 4:45 a.m.
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The line from my last pic. The shape can be any lionness's so I think it may interest some of you :) Just keep my name visible somewhere and in your descriptions ^^

Thanks ^^
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02:40 Sun 3/22/2009
Loving the lineart Nido. You make the lioness look so regal and motherly, it fits Mots really well. Especially in her younger days. I'm thinking maybe about 4 years old here.

I'll try this one as Nala later on.
22:54 Wed 4/22/2009
Kamakari Malfoy
How could I not color this to look like my Kama? It fits her so well...! Wonderful line art!
09:30 Sat 5/2/2009
11:13 Tue 6/2/2009
18:30 Sat 6/27/2009
jrockervampiresimba isn't the only one who's allowed to do this sort of thing, right? XD

im insane, aren't i?
21:08 Sat 6/27/2009
^^ I LOVE coloring LINEART! And this was some GREAT lineart, Nido! *hugs* So...I was bored and colored it. Tis Kotumari without her hair!
08:22 Thu 7/2/2009
03:38 Sun 8/2/2009
Night Lion
This is SASHA!!! She is a new character i just made up :D and i love her and i will be drawing her soon but she is MY character well the colors ;D.....i like her :)
11:44 Mon 1/18/2010
Vitanicub (Tani)
02:24 Sat 1/8/2011
adult nia trying to act all sexy
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