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Coloring Cave

March 21, 2009, 11:51 a.m.
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For the coloring cave :) Tell me if you want to color it! I'd love to see the result ;)
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16:15 Sat 3/21/2009
Might make these random lions into chars, if i do, them the lioness is called Lime and the lion is called Lemon
06:11 Sun 3/22/2009
When I saw your colored version first, I immedeately had this in my mind, so I'm glad you uploaded the lineart! :)
04:52 Mon 3/23/2009
Lightning Night
Angeal and his girl in heaven
05:11 Mon 3/23/2009
<3 Thank you so much for putting the lineart up, I fell in love with it. <3 <3
23:23 Sat 4/18/2009
Kamakari Malfoy
Gave me the chance to do something with my lovely pair Mel and Nicolai, even if I didn't draw it :)

Great picture!
14:22 Sat 8/8/2009
Night Lion
Ok this is Oliviact characters Bolt and Sammy! :D
Sammy:Bo.. Bolt
Bolt:Yes it is me!
Sammy:What... what happened?
Bolt:A lion hurt you and...
Sammy:Why am i so bloody?
Bolt:The lion who hurt you got you good :{
Sammy:You came for me? :}
Bolt:Yes i did! *cuddle*
Sammy:Thank... thank... you *eyes close*
Blot:SAMMY! No Sammy don't die *cry*
Sammy:Don't be sad i am just so sleepy...
Bolt:Oh ok... good night *cuddle* :}

By the way Bolt killed the lion!!!
02:51 Sun 11/8/2009
19:20 Sun 12/6/2009
Yuma and Danny! ^^
21:54 Sat 10/30/2010
02:22 Sat 1/8/2011
you are my yin
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