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Coloring Cave

Dec. 23, 2006, 4 p.m.
Coloring Lineart

All colorings will be of the canon character depicted. No original character pictures in the Coloring Cave, Trading Tree, or artists' galleries will be accepted. Refer to me as the artist who made the lineart in some way, be it in the picture itself or in the description.
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03:18 Sat 1/6/2007
Here's my colored version of Galactacian's Kopa lineart. ^^
15:41 Thu 1/18/2007
I got this from the coloring cave. The artist who made the lineart is Galactacian. I colored this and I hope I got Kopa`s colors right.
14:39 Tue 8/28/2007
Well, I took a stab at what Kopa looked like! I looked at the story How True, Zazu? to get his colors, which are paler than simba's. I Hope its fine though! I think that if kiara was golden like her father, then maybe Kopa was paler like his mother!
09:14 Tue 10/9/2007
Here's my version of Kopa.
Drawn by Galactacian.
12:17 Tue 2/17/2009
And a great lion appeared beside Kopa. "Come now little one, it's time to go."
"I don't wanna go!" Kopa cried, "I want my daddy. Why do you look like my daddy?"
"There's nothing left for you here. You may visit later but for now, you must come." Kopa followed the red-maned lion up into the heavens.
15:48 Sun 4/12/2009
My colored version of Kopa :)
02:54 Sun 8/22/2010
zira trapped kopa against a cave wall and zira said i will tell vitani you said you love her tell scar i said hi! then she lunged at him he bit her ear off zira took his body and hid it in the gorge kopa woke up in the gorge and ran away he heard voices in the gorge then he ran and found adult mheetu
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