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Coloring Cave

Nov. 15, 2006, 8:58 p.m.
Coloring Lineart
Kovu knows he's a smexy beast...

All colorings will be of the canon character depicted. No original character pictures in the Coloring Cave, Trading Tree, or artists' galleries will be accepted. Refer to me as the artist who made the lineart in some way, be it in the picture itself or in the description.
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14:46 Tue 1/2/2007
Heh, so fun. >.<
12:48 Fri 1/5/2007
Hannah "Sabean"
I was really pleased with the way this picture turned out. I haven't done a TLK/SP character is such a long time and I now in love with Kovu again! hehe. Thank you Galactacian for the great line art!
03:13 Sat 1/6/2007
Here's a colored Kovu.
16:47 Tue 1/16/2007
13:26 Sat 1/20/2007
12:40 Sat 11/15/2008
Just a simple on-the-white-background job from me. :)
16:41 Mon 2/9/2009
This is my version, only things that I modified was adding his scar. My only work was colouring the image. Lineart originally made by Galactacian.
22:03 Wed 6/1/2011
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