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June 15, 2008, 5:42 p.m.
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Couse people actually liked my previous linearts D: And jwalraven anywai asked fer it >w> So here y go,a biggur linies >:U

Use em as ya want,nd btw,u all also has a premisshin to do with em whatewa ya want >:U And if youre too lazy to edit it much,just tel me,i b happi to edit it efr youuu >:I
Anywai,goin to CC >w>

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19:40 Mon 6/16/2008
I colored teh Pinkyu lines to look like my version of lionized Gaara C:
20:08 Tue 6/17/2008
Raytan a character Ida
12:06 Wed 6/18/2008
I'm gonna put her up on the TT. ^^
It was fun doing her :D
08:42 Sat 6/21/2008
coloured Pinkyu's lineart as a sheet for Ravs. x3
Thank you Pinkeh! Sweet lines. <33
10:13 Wed 6/25/2008
Here is Pinkyu's picture after I edit it She is girl and her name is Minny! I hope you like it Pinkyu!
15:10 Thu 7/3/2008
White tiger
Just had to color this one! So cute! :D
10:06 Thu 7/17/2008
Done as meh fursona, Cheat ^_^ Awsome lineart :)
06:32 Tue 7/29/2008
you inspired me to do an new charrie ^_^
either way i wouldv needed a girl sooner or later.
05:24 Thu 8/14/2008
I changed the lineart a tiny little bit for his mane tuft, hope its OK:)
16:58 Tue 8/19/2008
blinding eclips
I love thislineart! =D
Ilove to draw with it ^^

I drew m new charie Solace =D I hope ya like it ^^
07:53 Wed 8/20/2008
blinding eclips
hehe its me =D
17:55 Tue 8/26/2008
blinding eclips
its Phantom my poor little lonely guy X3

hehe hope ya like it ^^
17:01 Mon 9/24/2012
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