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Coloring Cave

June 13, 2008, 3:45 p.m.
Old Junk
someting for the cave too lazy to color it myself plus i made simba too fat...XD enjoy
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23:59 Fri 6/13/2008
Colored Dante's cool line art :)
20:00 Thu 9/11/2008
Silnat - Princess of Love
Hope you like it.
16:28 Sun 10/12/2008
This is a really ugly picture that my brother and I did when we were hyper.... overly hyper.
19:03 Thu 10/23/2008
I hope ya dont mind if i made it ms-paint friendly and Yuma and her father! =^_^=
00:35 Sun 11/9/2008
Lord Sesshomaru
Colored this lovely lineart, 'cept I made Simba into my charrie Marius (who's supposed to be Simba's twin in a fic I wrote) so it's Kiara talking to an uncle she didn't know existed.
KIARA: You look like my dad, but you're white.
14:50 Sun 11/9/2008
I colored & shaded Dante's line art. :)
05:53 Sat 2/14/2009
Lightning Night
it's magnus and his father angeal :p
17:39 Tue 6/30/2009
Done with Photoshop Elements 5.0
06:24 Thu 3/4/2010
here melody with her father named adrian and he love his daugher
17:00 Fri 8/20/2010
Done in PSP 9. Cool lineart Dante! :3
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