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June 3, 2006, 9:06 a.m.
The Lion King
Another no referenced piccy =D I'm actually really happy with this one =D

Anyone can colour these lines if they wish, but please state whos lineart it is ^^

I may colour this later... depends lolz
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08:01 Mon 1/1/2007
Mazzie b's simba lineart colored in photoshop
09:42 Tue 1/2/2007
A char made for Sukari-
line-art (C)Mazzie B
17:00 Fri 1/5/2007
21:39 Tue 1/9/2007
Beautiful lineart! I decided to do Simba, since, well, it's Simba lineart for one thing, and he seems just right for a quick coloring excersize. Thanks for putting this up! It was fun and helpful to do.
17:47 Fri 1/12/2007
this is one of my first computerized pics...
i loved this pic and i couldn't resist!! :-))
19:57 Fri 2/23/2007
there, thats Simba with shading. Doesn't look hafe bad!! Thanks for making this to color. your art is Awsome!!
19:02 Wed 2/28/2007
Colored simba =]

ehh crappy shading.
11:50 Thu 6/7/2007
Great lineart!
Simba was just roaring to be coloured. ;)
01:30 Sun 11/9/2008
Lord Sesshomaru
05:35 Tue 2/3/2009
Oncoming Storm
Practiced with my shading.
Great lines Maz!
20:24 Thu 9/29/2011
This is the first Lion King fanart I've ever actually made - I thought it would be best to start with something extremely easy as I'm not a very good artist...
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