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Dec. 20, 2007, 4:27 a.m.
For ya'll to color if you wish. :D Some lineart of a lion/ cub/ teen listening to a Zune. :D I love my Zune. Don't ya'll love Zunes? Of course you do.

Just leave the credit to me! :D Thanks!
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15:11 Thu 12/20/2007
Fire lynx
cute line art bug :D
14:36 Sat 12/22/2007
Tada! tis Dinkah, listening to holding out for a hero (shrek 2) ^^ I had loads of fun, thanks!
14:06 Tue 12/25/2007
17:12 Tue 12/25/2007
Here's a colorfied pic of Coco listening to my Zune MP3 player... Hmmm wonder what he's listening to? :P

Awesome lineart!!!!
17:24 Thu 12/27/2007
Hannah Outsider
Pior listening to music ^_^
18:43 Mon 1/28/2008
Dearest Echo, being the spoiled prince he is. :)
18:56 Mon 4/14/2008
need 4 speed girl
16:43 Thu 8/27/2009
My fursona loves to listen the music especialy 90s. ( Sorry it is horrible true )
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