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Oct. 5, 2007, 11:48 p.m.
lineart for people to color and use <:

It was .. supposed to be an ocelot. but I kinda fail at making things look like what they are supposed to xD so this is a whatever fluffycat :D <3

Edit: i'm retarded. forgot. D: The bent front leg/head were reffed from a photo of an ocelot i found on google. just google it and i'm sure you'll find it <: It was just a small one though, so i did the leg poses and such~

Edit again: replaced the old one. the old one wouldn't allow you to use color :x this one should.
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01:02 Sat 10/6/2007
hope u like it!i made em into Tyla!^^i love this pic!<33
11:22 Sat 10/6/2007
Radical Highway
so many colors o.0
hope u like it
!Radical Highway
23:44 Tue 10/9/2007
It's Halifu! When I see a goofy pose like that I just want to make it into Halifu. It seems to suit him somehow. xD
13:47 Sat 10/20/2007
AHH! I enjoy a good roll in the Pridland Grass!
12:02 Sun 2/10/2008
I thought that this pictuer would work well with my cheetah character. Thanks for putting this up BlueJay
03:48 Tue 5/6/2008
Kawaii lineart BlueJay. :]
I wanted to create a mate for Hachi.
00:52 Sun 11/9/2008
Lord Sesshomaru
Made it a panther and named HIM Dante.
17:48 Mon 8/17/2009
11:30 Sun 3/28/2010
Annnnd again.
19:16 Fri 9/28/2012
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