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22:55 Sun 4/6/2014
Sketch of the Licholf I would like from the TT :)
If I got him I would unofficially name him Romeo, mostly because I just read Romeo and Juliet and I really like it. I also think his design would work well with my weird mind universe(sort of like a fandom's head-canons) with Fessran, Ace, Aaron and Andrew. Andrew is a Licholf too, so I figured that I could work out a blood line between the two and fill in the blanks.
Looking at his reference, I thought that he would love to run around and would be pretty much unable to stand still for a long amount of time. His large eyes make him look innocent, which makes sense because he's a cub, so I thought I could use that in his personality too. There's more, but it's too long to type out.
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19:40 Mon 11/17/2008
My half of a trade for Zin - It's Zin!!! :D

My attempts to make a rock detailed failed... I hope you like it, Zin! I loved your half!! :D
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02:02 Wed 6/4/2014
Zin Stone's character Zin
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22:26 Fri 9/2/2011
Zin's finished Character Design :) Hope you like her
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14:14 Sun 1/27/2013
Main Folder
This is a request for Zin Stone, I hope that you like it!

This is in rather bad quality so I could upload it here, here is the good quality version:
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14:57 Tue 3/13/2018
Hey guys, log time no see. Gawd its been a while since I was here. I'd like to try to upload more. I dont do a ton of TLK art besides my Fursona Zin. But I'll post whatever I do draw!

Thanks for sticking around!
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