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09:26 Sat 6/16/2007
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It's finished! At last!
I started drawing this picture about two month ago but I had to pause because of school and so on.. but now I finished it!
Actually I wanted to draw a much more detailed background. I wanted to draw realistic water but as you can see it's just some kind of messed up wannabe water >.<

Well, Kiara in the jungle :)
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16:34 Thu 10/4/2007
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Ah that's so silly xD
Kiara is making fun of her brother Kopa's hair tuft x3
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15:43 Thu 2/22/2007
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Nala being sad about Simba's "death"

The grass looks too funny here.. doesn't even look like grass -__- ""
When you look closely you should see she's scratching Simba's head in the dirt :3
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00:57 Sun 4/1/2007
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Nala's friends Chumvi and Kula :D
They are mentioned in the book "Nala's Dare" and it was quiet difficult to draw them because there is only one official picture showing how they look like:
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18:22 Wed 3/21/2012
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"Come on, Nala! We gotta go!!"
"Nuuuuh, I don't want to"

..or something like that. This was just a silly idea to get back into drawing TLK ^^" Forgive the utter weirdness of this, please.. xp
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13:24 Sat 7/19/2008
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"You have asked me for help...
... but where was yours when I needed it?"

Better version:

Enjoy :3
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08:15 Sat 7/15/2006
The Lion King
I finally will go to watch TLKoB in ShangHai!
So I made this pic and I will wear it on that day! ^^
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18:04 Fri 1/16/2009
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Umm.. if you wonder about the format - I drew this for my header/toolbar. The old one really sucked :C .. well not really but it was more than a year old and thus terribly outdated XD

Edit: Why they look so off from the actual design - it's because I TRIED to make them look different ;) It was meant to be. You don't have to like this, though ;3
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16:51 Sun 11/22/2009
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Edit: Changed his tail color from black to brown as it's supposed to be. I overlooked that at first! Thanks to Koraden for telling me x3

Malka from the lion king books sneaking around (don't ask me why, I only drew the picture x3)

Sorry for the background I didn't have time for a real bg cause I'm leaving for another town school tomorrow again.

I hope you like how he turned out. I've never drawn Malka before but I wanted to do it for a long time because he's really cool and sweet with those ear tufts x3
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18:09 Sun 1/4/2009
Art trades/requests/gifts and commissions
Happy 2009 everyone C:

'Tis pic for because she's a really sweet person :>

It's her fursona Estelle. Something about the anatomy is always wrong when I draw in an "unusual" angle.. but that's the way I learn - by drawing crap xP
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