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05:39 Tue 1/26/2010
5. Simba's Reign
Family portrait! :D All in Sketcher.

Malka, Tama, and their two cubs: Afua and Boga.
(My version of TLK family tree.)
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22:29 Tue 2/10/2009
100 Picture Challenge
Koraden's Comprehensive TLK Family Tree

47 - Creation
Putting it into my 100 pics. So happy with this! :D

Disclaimer: This is in no way an official family tree. It's based off personal theories and yours may be different. I name characters that were unnamed in subcanon but people have called them other things. I've also incorporated original characters alongside canon.

Basically it's an extended family tree. I used published pics and screencaps whenever possible (bg is also a screencap) excepting Ahadi. Most outlanders aren't on it yet.

The golden line = the royal bloodline. Dark red indicates a mating and the red lines lead to the offspring. I'll be updating this now and then to fill in gray boxes or add new chars.
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11:40 Thu 7/2/2009
Main Folder
Koraden's Comprehensive TLK Family Tree (V2)

Update for Canon Days. :) Added "Unusual Choir" chars & filled in some boxes. This one causes even more of a headache!

Disclaimer: This is NOT an official family tree. It's based off my personal theories and yours may be different. I name characters that were unnamed in subcanon (people have called them other things). I've also incorporated my original chars alongside canon.

This extended family tree uses published pics and screencaps whenever possible (bg is also a cap) excepting Ahadi. Outlanders aren't on it yet.

Golden line = the royal bloodline. Triple lines show a mating and single lines lead to offspring. Updates will come eventually to fill gray boxes & add new chars.
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19:04 Sat 2/21/2009
5. Simba's Reign
"Do you ever get the feeling we're being watched...?"

Kopa, with Babu and Boga (two cubs from TLK6NA). Cubs in Sketcher and the rest in Photoshop. Something tells me Kopa's instincts are right...
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17:40 Fri 5/18/2012
TLK Canon
Going back to the Pridelanders, here's four of the five interesting lions from the Six New Adventures" book: Vulture Shock.

(1.) "Boga" One of the two cubs seen in the book, he has interesting ears: the bottoms of his ear rims are light-coloured.

(2.) "Babu" The other cub, he also has a very interesting character design: his front toes are coloured like his main coat (like Nala), yet his BACK toes are coloured like his belly fur! O_o

(3.) "Mega" An old lion with a full mane, long thought to be Nala's father, which makes sense seeing as Nala at this point is an adult and they are coloured similarly.

(4.) "Sabini" the only female lioness in the book illustration, she appears to have blue eyes like Nala, but lighter.
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04:53 Sun 1/10/2016
5. Simba's Reign
My favorite Friendly Five pairing!

In my fanon, Tama gets betrothed to Malka of the mountain pride.

By the time of this pic, they're the reigning royal pair of the pride with three grown cubs: Afua, Boga, and Cheza (all subcanon). The Pridelanders are on good terms with them and occasionally send Kion!

Tossing a late entry into the site contest to boost the entrant count. Edit: Oh wow, thanks for 3rd place!! ^^
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23:06 Mon 5/17/2010
Pure Cannon
"You're both my cousins!" he crowed. "I don't have any others. Besides Daudie. He's cool, too! But he's been kind of sick lately. Lets go visit him and see if he wants to play! Have you ever chased buzzards? It's a lot of fun!"

OK SO. Thought it was about time I took a stab (lol) at these two characters. And since I only recently found out Boga was actually Simba's little cousin, please forgive that mistake.

Nuka. 8D
Well, Afua is Kula and Malka's cub. Boga is Tama and Chumvi's.
Because. 8T

Listening to Ma Belle Evangeline makes me love sick. <3333
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07:46 Thu 2/1/2018
Heir to Pride Rock
Heir to Pride Rock, page 40.

GAAASP! How rude!
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18:53 Fri 4/6/2007
Canon Character Sheets

"Boga" from TLK6NA: Vulture Shock

Female cub shown in the illustration with Babu and Sabini. Sabini's daughter in my alterno-canon.
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12:14 Thu 4/14/2011
Main Folder
Mega, Sabini, Boga, Babu
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