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13:18 Sat 3/24/2018
Decades of Denial
Decades of Denial, page 18.

Oh Taka, you clumsy little fool. XD
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19:19 Fri 3/23/2018
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No Cookies Left! Sign of the Apocalypse!! Lol i hope you like it =3
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15:35 Thu 3/22/2018
Wauw that jungle bg nearly killed me. It's not very good, but it's there hahaha!
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13:12 Thu 3/22/2018
Jackie's Pride
Manzi is the daughter of Max and Missy. She is mate to Mbali and mother of Zuri.
She is a member of the hunting party part time, as she is too old to be hunting full time.
Gender: Female
Species: Lion
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13:11 Thu 3/22/2018
Jackie's Pride
Mbali is the son of Kwalo and Mika. He is mate to Manzi and father of Zuri.
He is in the pride guard.
Gender: Male
Species: Lion
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11:44 Thu 3/22/2018
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I take commission now on
Get all info here:
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11:40 Thu 3/22/2018
The morning before Timon and Pumbaa finds Simba.. Exhausted and terrified.
Tried to make it look like a screenshot. Used colors from 4 different places in the movie:
1. The opening scene to get the sunrise right
2. The scene where Simba talks to his father on the edge of Pride Rock as the sun rises
3. Another angle of the scene where Simba talks to his father on Pride Rock
4. The scene where Timon and Pumbaa find Simba lying in the desert.

I hate drawing rocks and this desert is just urgh. But I think I did okay? Also the clouds were a pain. I rarely draw bg's, so this was fun to play around with.

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22:21 Wed 3/21/2018
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Fuli grown up and become a real scourge for trespassers of peace and tranquility in the Pridelands. Because nobody dont want to catch an arrow in the knee - it could be painfull! ^_^
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03:36 Wed 3/21/2018
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Page 2 (Coloured)

Here a little two-pager comic based off the last scene from a friend's story; involving a crossover of her OC's and mine.

Hannibal, Wayna (c) Wasfight17

Noma, Firehart, Malkoi (c) Firehart95
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