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this be my art page.... so... :) look around, stay awhile, have a slice of cake :D

**I would like to give a thank you to all my awesome fans ^^ thank you, guys!! luff you :D**

I have a lot of characters and they're all in one family. You might get confused on who's whose sister or brother or uncle or auntie or mother or father or neice or nephew or cousin or granddaddy or grandmommy. PADOOSEL.

Silver lions are a type of lion I created a loooong time ago. When I was littler. Very littler. <img src=""; border=0>
They have fangs that seem to come from their top lip and spikes (usually 4) on their back and tail. They have short bodies and long skinny legs, and have really long ears. They never have pupils but their eyes can be multicolored.
They aren't called silver lions because they're silver,... they're all sorts of colors and stuff. I just couldn't think of any better name for them. Lol.
They don't eat meat unless its in spaghetti/burritoes/soup or something....
Bullets cant hurt them (unless they are shot in their weak point, which is between their eyes) and they are not really lions but they are lions. SEE? I'm weird and usually don't make sense.... ahem.

MY BRAIN IS TWISTED ENOUGH WITH SCHOOL!! NOW THIS?! I'm going crazy. Sorry people. Enough about me, myself, and I! SOMEWHERE OVER THE RAINBOW--

Now some of my characters are not in the same family. I keep making new ones XD

I have serious problems.... ANYWAY!!! here is my gallery, have fun looking, enjoy!

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I LOVES CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!!!!!!.... and animals. And drawing.... >:D
I hate
i am truely TRYING MY BEST to get better at animating, but right now i suck at it, lol XD


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