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I also have a deviantART account, it's mostly stuff from school.

I love all animals and I am happy to draw any of them. I would love to do a trade or make gifts for people, just ask, and I'll most likely accept. :) Though I feel like I should say that I wont do freebies. I need to be compensated for my time somehow, either by another drawing or some form or payment. I will always try to be reasonable though :)

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uh, Hi! I'm Emily, and I am currently majoring in art at The University of Utah. I want to be an animator, but I need to learn to animate first! I have always loved the Lion King and disney in general. I love animals above all things and I am continually inspired by their diversity and beauty. So yeah, I love the lion king and I love drawing, so this seems like a good place to be.
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