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I also have a deviantART account, it's mostly stuff from school.

I love all animals and I am happy to draw any of them. I would love to do a trade or make gifts for people, just ask, and I'll most likely accept. :) Though I feel like I should say that I wont do freebies. I need to be compensated for my time somehow, either by another drawing or some form or payment. I will always try to be reasonable though :)

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uh, Hi! I'm Emily, and I am currently majoring in art at The University of Utah. I want to be an animator, but I need to learn to animate first! I have always loved the Lion King and disney in general. I love animals above all things and I am continually inspired by their diversity and beauty. So yeah, I love the lion king and I love drawing, so this seems like a good place to be.

07:48 Sun 5/15/2011
Phinia Black
ohay! i luv ur awesome piccies! *faves*

are u open for fursona trades? :D

12:48 Sat 7/10/2010
Ok as promised, here we go XD
Your stile has grown to a great and admirable masterpiece. There's nothing as great as originality mixed with The Lion King style on this site. Everything about that is great, especially knowing some people just copy the exact style.
Btw, did you ever find CheetahSpot? Because I just remembered I feel like I favorited an artist under the name 'Pip' if it was the same one. But I don't see the name now. c.c
EDIT AGAIN: Could this be who you were looking for?:
I HOPE SOOOO ;A; I saw the character "Pip" and he's a cheetah...and he's "No longer they're official fursona."
8D? <3

EDIT: Yey! <3 Finally. XD N'awww, if you actually want to, just surprise me! But this was just something I found on spare time. :)

14:33 Wed 4/22/2009
Detharc Requiem
Heya! Wow o: how come I haven't visited before? You're such an amazing artist! You do so good canon art and you're pretty creative, I gotta admit ;D I don't draw that much Canon but after visiting your gallery I totally want to 8DDD it would be a lot of fun to do a Canon Art Trade with you some time<3 just drop me a line^^
Keep up your great work!!<3333 I gotta stalk you >D

09:30 Tue 3/17/2009
i love your gallery! i'm shocked i haven't seen your pictures before, but they're really great :) i love all of the canon stuff; it was really fun to browse through your folders.

08:04 Fri 3/13/2009
hey there :)
youre gallery is stunning
youre anatomy is really good and I love your shading style.
Cant wait to see more


14:05 Sat 12/13/2008
Hey zalay! I must tell you that your art is great :) I hope you upload more, you have talent!
Keep it up :)
Greetings Liney

EDIT: Actually I've christmas holiday so I have lots of time to draw so it would be great if we could do a trade :) Do you have time to it? :)

17:27 Fri 12/5/2008
meepers you really dont have enough comments here! o.o or trades for that matter! X3 so now i must propose a trade to you, since i have discovered the awesomeness that is your art. X3 does a canon trade sound alright? :D if you dont want to, you dont have to, but if you do, please get nack to me somehow! email mr or sumthin, i'm all excited now! *tackledhugs and adds to favorite artists* i'm so addicted to your art now its crazy. :P keep it up!!! :D

WOAH!!! zalay, you go to the university of utah!?!? I GO PAST THERE EVERY DAY!! X3 i might have actually seen you!!! :D THATS SO COOL!!!!!!!!!

*EDIT* no, but my school is the salt lake arts academy, and i take tracks to go home, and they go by the U. X3 and potteryourotter lives down in sugarhouse! XD OH! and have you heard about that guy from disney comming to the U on monday around 6:30? potter and i are going to see him, you should come too and we could meet eachother!!! XD

*NUTHER EDIT* im not sure exactly, i should have more info soon. o.0 and you'll probably be able to pick me out of the crowd by the purple trench coat and weird, short, dark brown hair. >.<

16:56 Sun 11/30/2008
Hello again...I just wanted to say that the picture you mad me is so *tear tear* beautiful! I love it!
Also, I was wondering if you do fursonas...just a thought...=)
3rd Edit: No, you're not being mean. I completely understand. You should put that up on your gallery page. I would LOVE to do something for you but here's the thing: my scanner broke and I'm hoping I can get a tablet for christmas...I guess I could try using the mouse but it would just be a pile of dog crap compared to what I can do with a pencil...but yeah, I understand.

2nd EDIT: Um, are you sure? I'd hate to be a bother. But um, I guess you could I don't have a particular design in mind but I guess you could design her to fit my personality I guess...let's see I'm artistic (duh)my favorite colors are pink, green, and black (if that makes any difference) and I love cats (if that makes any difference either)um...if you have any other questions just let me know and don't feel bad if you don't get it done! =) I know talented artists are very busy =D!

EDIT: =) it's okay if you don't have the time its not a need-be thing. I just don't have one right now and I was looking around for someone who might be able to do one for me and since you did something already for me and I really liked it...I could look around don't feel obligated...thanks again for the cover you did an awesome job!! =D

16:35 Fri 11/14/2008
You have some really cuter work! I must stalk you! haha

15:58 Sun 10/12/2008
i humbly ask for a permission to be a devoted fan of yours ^^

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