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Hi all! I'm not around much anymore, but sometimes I like to get in sketcher or post a random thing or two :p


What an awesome honor! <img src="">; Thank you so much! :D<p>

<B>UPDATES:</B> I am currently finishing up this semester in school - That means lots of homework and junk to take care of. That also means no trades/requests for a while probably. I'm booked up enough as it is :) I'll let you guys know when I can start drawing again <3

<b>AS ALWAYS:</b> If you wish to see any of my pictures that are not TLK-based, (and a few that are) please re-direct yourself to my deviantART account <A HREF="">here</A>;.

Thank you very much :)

<3 Courtney</center>

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Come find me on dA or Tumblr! I miss you guys <3

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