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Hai! My name Holly <3 And welcome to my page! I specialize in drawing animals. <3 I tend to be best at drawing canines but i'm open to try all animals :) I love drawing and singing :3 I started drawing since i can remember and got a dsi in 2009, where i practiced animating and drawing for a few years :3 Since then i've really improved and aim to keep up with drawing :3

I have 3 main fursonas. Sparkle, Kesha and Dexter. They all represent a certain side of me. Such as Sparkle, she's more of a personal fursona who acts like me and is more of the happy and sassy side of me. Kesha is probably the sad side of me, where she has to stay strong, keep smiling and carry on. She believes in spirits and relies on the stars to guide her. However Dexter is the more boy-ish side of me, where he loves play-fighting and getting himself into trouble.

Sparkle is a GSD/Border Collie Wolf mix. She is a shapeshifter however which allows her to transform into other species.
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